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Hazardous Medications PPE Guide Implementation

May 25 , 2018

Forwarded on behalf of the Occupation Health Safety & Wellness and Medication Management Safety Team

Covenant Health, in collaboration with Alberta Health Services, has developed a Hazardous Medications Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guide to incorporate best practice and changes to align with Accreditation Canada Standards and provincial legislation. Covenant Health is committed to the health and safety of its staff. The Provincial Hazardous Medications PPE Guide is one of the many tools used to ensure staff safety. Over the past few months, Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness and Medication Management have been collaborating to create standardized education for all staff to ensure they have the information they need to understand the PPE Guide and to keep themselves safe.

In the process of developing the education, we have received a lot of questions and have taken time to address them. We are committed to ensuring the education we provide supports our staff in the practice changes required for a successful implementation.

The timelines for implementation of the Hazardous Medication PPE Guide for all areas have been extended until September 30, 2018, to ensure all teams receive the information and training they require.

Medication management safety team will support site leads for the remaining planning associated with the implementation of the Hazardous Medication PPE Guide.

Hazardous medication training is mandatory and departments are required to have 90 per cent of staff trained in order to comply with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation. The training incorporates an annual recertification in a question based format.

Create an education plan in collaboration with your site lead to ensure everyone has the information they need to do their jobs safely. Further information regarding the education including the links to education modules on CLiC will be shared with managers in June.

Please share this video at your team meetings to raise awareness about the Hazardous Medication PPE Guide.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the Hazardous Medications PPE Guide and how it affects your area, please contact:

Medication Management Safety team:

Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness team:

For more information about this project, visit the Hazardous Medications page on The Medical Staff Portal

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