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May 14 , 2018

From the offices of Dr. Owen Heisler, Chief Medical Officer and Rosa Rudelich, Chief Operating Officer

2018-05-14 Connect Care Logo

We are pleased to share that AHS continues to move forward in its work with the Connect Care program to transform care delivery across the province. Connect Care is a shared provincial clinical information system, or CIS, that will enable a consistent use of health information, accessible to the whole healthcare team, including patients.

AHS has now moved into the build phase of Connect Care where we rely on AHS staff who are trained to build and configure the system. At the same time, committees and councils which include Covenant representation are moving forward to decide about CIS clinical content. This includes decision supports, documentation supports and inquiry supports, which will be built and validated over the next 10 months. This is the phase where AHS and key stakeholders begin the work to determine exactly what Connect Care will include and how it will support patient care.

Covenant Health is working closely with AHS to support ongoing engagement in all levels of this initiative. Many members of our teams have, or will be invited to participate in the various phases of work and committees.We are currently represented on the following core Connect Care governance committees:

Connect Care Executive Committee

Dr. Owen Heisler, Rosa Rudelich

Connect Care Council

Dr. Owen Heisler 

Connect Care Design Committee

Karen Macmillan, Linda Chow-Turner

Connect Care Contents and Standards Committee

Dr. Owen Heisler, Jon Popowich 

Connect Care Engagement and Adoption Committee

Joanne Cowie, Karen Zarsky 

Connect Care Program Design Committee

Kim Tom 
Connect Care Area Councils Various leadership and stakeholder
involvement (Covenant Health
membership has been proposed and
put forth to AHS Connect Care
leadership, more to follow) 
Connect Care Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Various operations and stakeholder
involvement (listing will be provided in
future communications)


We will continue to provide updates on Covenant Health’s progress and contributions to the Connect Care program. For more information about the Connect Care program, or a more detailed look into what is happening with Connect Care work that is moving forward, visit the AHS Connect Care Insite page.

For additional information or if you have further questions about the program, please contact Kim Tom at 780.342.8879 or by email.

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