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Celebrating our 10 year anniversary

May 09 , 2018

From the offices of Patrick Dumelie, Chief Executive Officer and Karen Galenzoski, Chief Human Resources Officer

2018-05-09 10 Year Anniversary (1)

This year marks an important milestone in our journey as a provincial team. Covenant Health is celebrating 10 years of service to Albertans. In 2008, we came together as 12 organizations with a lot in common and some mutual challenges and hopes. Today we are a family.

 For the Covenant family, this has been an exciting and fulfilling chapter in the compassionate and courageous legacy of Catholic health care in Alberta begun by our founding congregations of Sisters 155 years ago. Together, we have begun to build our own living legacy guided by our shared mission, vision and values. These define us and shape our decisions as people and as an organization.

Our theme for this celebration is Many Voices, One Mission: Stronger Together. It reminds us of why we came together—to forge a bold new vision, building on the strengths of each member and speaking with strong, unified voice across Alberta for those we serve.

Over the past decade, we have learned that our strength lies in the unwavering commitment to the mission and enduring values that unite us and, equally, in respecting our diversity and the unique contributions each member of the family brings.

This is an opportunity to reflect and reconnect with our roots. It is also a chance for us to celebrate our accomplishments together and to renew our commitment to our bold vision of transforming health care and creating communities of health and healing.

Our anniversary committee, with representatives from each site, has been working to plan several exciting anniversary-themed activities over the coming months.

Our first activity kicks off in May with a virtual journey, it’s a wellness initiative with a 10th anniversary twist. You’ll have the opportunity to track your daily activity as you move through a virtual tour of all Covenant sites across the province.

The virtual journey will help get us warmed up for the Relay of the Decade this fall. The relay will travel from site-to-site across the province—with 16 stops in between. Each site is encouraged to draw on unique qualities of their community when selecting their mode of transportation. Throughout the relay our teams will collectively cover more than 1,500 kilometres.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in ten years and the passion you continue to bring to your work each day. Whether you have recently joined us or have been with Covenant Health since the beginning. We encourage you to participate in the anniversary-themed activities. These events are a celebration of who we are, where we have come from and the powerful legacy we are building for the future. Stronger Together celebrations are available on CompassionNet: