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New Acute Admission Order Set Bundle

March 13 , 2018

Forwarded on behalf of Lana Chivers, Senior Director - Operations, Emergency, Cardiac Sciences, Critical Care, Medicine & Respiratory

What's Happening?
The Cardiovascular Health and Stroke & Respiratory Strategic Clinical Networks, along with leadership of Covenant Health Grey Nuns Community Hospital and Primary Care are seeking your support to implement evidence based Heart Failure and COPD care from hospital admission (acute admission order set bundles) to disharge into the community and primary care. Grey Nuns Community Hospital has been chose for initiation of this work and is excited to participate!

What do the new order set bundles look like?
The new Heart Failure and COPD order sets are completed and ready to go! Please be aware, first steps of order set implementation will be slow and measured. Not every item within the order set wil be implemented at the start.

How do we start using the order set bundles?
A frontline local implementation team will be formed in the next few weeks to work with their own staff in their areas to implement specific items on the order sets over time. The SCN provincial pathway team with be there to assist with this process all along the way.

As order set bundles are rolled out, your site will be able to meet and increasing number or best practice recommendations identified within the orders until eventually, perhaps within the year, we will be able to address all items on the complete order set.

What does Heart Failure and COPD patient care look like now?

  • In an effort to assess the perception of Heart Failure and COPD care presently being done prior to implementation, we ask that you, collegues, front-line staff and anyone caring for these patients within hospital, community and primary care, please complete the survey located at the link below.

COPD and HF Staff Survey - GNH (Pre-Implementation)

  • March 15, 2018  we will look at the flow of COPD and HF patients taking place from hospital presentation to transition into community. This will involve selected frontline staff to spend 1/2 hour with the provincial pathway team to map this journey, note gaps in what we are doing compared to what;s in the new order sets, and suggest ideas for implementation. Our local implementation team will work with you over the next year. Gradual roll-out of order sets will occur.

If you have questions, would like to participate on the local improvement team, like to participate in the March 15th mapping day, or obtain further information. please contact Lana Chivers.

As acute, primary, and community care programs work together we can continue to provide amazing care to our patients in Camrose.

Thanks for your support!

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