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Physician Accredited E-Learning Module

February 16 , 2018

Forwarded on behalf of Lorelei Sawchuk, Nurse Practitoner & Education Lead, Palliative Institute, Covenant Health

Please click here for the direct link to the E-Learning module on Advance Care Planning (ACP) and Goals of Care Designation (GCD). This module takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and includes a quiz that requires 100% in order to receive a certificate of completion. One question asks where should the Green Sleeve be kept in the patient's chart. Although AHS (who created this module) policy directs (HINT) the Green Sleeve to be placed in the front of the chart it is common to see the Green Sleeve in the Medical Orders' section. What is important is that, when clinically appropritate, a Green Sleeve have a completed GCD Order, an ACP GCD Tracking Record capturing conversations leading to the GCD Order and a copy of the Personal Directive.

The certificate of completion states "Accreditation: Members of the College of Family Physicians of Canada may claim MAINPRO-M2 credits for this unaccredited education program."

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