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Mobile Apps Education Guide

October 06 , 2017

From the office of Sharna Polard, Manager, Library Services, Covenant Health

Looking for high quality medical mobile apps?

Library Services recommends the KRS Mobile Apps & Resources Education Guide.

This guide off instructions on how to download and reauthenticate mobile apps for licensed products such as DynaMed, Lexicomp, Micromedex, and RxTx. It also features an "App of the Month" sections which reviews free apps for health care professionals.

AMMI Flu is the highlighted app this month. AMMI Flu provides information about the use of antiviral drugs in the management of influenza illness. Scroll down to see older review for CDN STI Guidelines, Med-HF, and Spectrum mobile apps.

If you would like to learn more about Dynamed, Lexicomp, Micromedex or RxTx (CPS) please contact Library Services staff:

Grey Nuns: Health Sciences Library - Rm 0634, 780.735.7300
Misericordia: Weinlos Library - Rm 1NW-32, 780.735.2708

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