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Implementation of Luminex Respiratory Pathogens Panel (RPP) at ProvLab

May 16 , 2017

From: Provincial Laboratory for Public Health

Key Messages:

ProvLab North and South sites are implementing a new respiratory pathogens panel (RPP) for respiratory virus targets including influenza A/B, RSV A/B, rhinovirus/enteroviruses, adenoviruses, human metapneumovirus, coronavirus 229E, coronavirus HKU1, coronavirus OC43, coronavirus NL63 and parainfluenza viruses-1-4. This will occur Tuesday May 16, 2017.

  • This move to the new platform will not change the testing available to clinicians. It is simply improving lab efficiency and giving a better turn-around time.
  • This test will replace current test algorithms where an extended respiratory virus panel would have followed a separate influenza virus test (e.g. patients in emergency department, hospitalized patients, outbreak investigations). Patients in the community will still be tested with only an Influenza A/B assay with the exception of cases where the physician directly contacts the ProvLab Virologist On Call (VOC; Edmonton) or Microbiologist/Virologist on-call (M/VOC;Calgary).
  • Results for patient specimens tested by the RPP will include influenza, subtyping for influenza A and results for other respiratory viral pathogens on one report.
  • With the exception of the separate identification of parainfluenza viruses 1-4, all results previously reported in the old respiratory virus panel will be reported on the newRPP.

Actions Required:

  • Collect respiratory specimens using your pre-existing standard operating procedures. For additional collection information refer to the ProvLab Guide to Services
  • Order laboratory testing for respiratory viruses using your current ordering practices.
  • If the status of your patient has changed following specimen collection and you need an extended respiratory virus workup on your patient then please contact the local ProvLab Virologist OnCall.

Questions related to the interpretation of these laboratory results should be directed to the ProvLab Virologists on Call:
Edmonton Site: 780.407.7121 (ask for Virologist on Call)
Calgary Site: 403.944.1200

Inquiries and feedback may be directed to:

Dr. Steven Drews, Clinical Virologist ProvLab; email or 780.407.3068

This bulletin has been reviewed and approved by:

Dr. Graham Tipples, Medical/Scientific Director, ProvLab

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