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Revised Laboratory Requisitions

August 10 , 2017

Key Messages:

  • Edmonton Zone (EZ) Laboratory Services has revised three requisitions so that the patient/physician demographic area now displays standard Alberta Health Services format. When the current inventory depletes, the updated requisitions will come into stock for use.

The following requisitions have been revised:

Requisition Name Form #
Routine CH-0021
Hematology Speciality CH-0312
Chemistry Speciality CH-0311


Why this is important:

  • Practitioners will have a standard and consistent demographic area on requisitions across the province.

There have been significant changes to the format of the requisitions. Changes include:

  • Standardized demographic information for the patient and physician.
  • Laboratory test results have been updated on the requisitions as recommended by the AHS Laboratory Utilization Committee and less frequently ordered or discontinued tests have been removed.
  • Any tests not found on the requisitions can still be ordered by writing them in the "Other test not listed" section of the requisitions.

Action Required:

  • Use and deplete your current stock first.
  • Continue to order requisitions as required; the updated requisitions will be sent as the old stock is depleted.
  • A print version of the revised requisitions is available through Data Group, you can reach the by email or phone 780.577.8295 for requisition ordering assistance.
  • Electronic versions are also available on the Laboratory Forms and Requisitions, Edmonton Zone website:

Inquires and feedback may be directed to:

  • Shelley Rawlake, EZ Executive Director Laboratory Services at 780.407.6489 or by email.

This bulletin has been reviewed and approved by:

  • Shelley Rawlake, EZ Executive Director, Laboratory Services
  • Dr, Michael Mengel, Interim EZ Clinical Department Head, Laboratory Services 

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