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dimenhyDRINATE continuous infusion not an approved administration route

November 28 , 2017

The Issue:
dimenhyDRINATE administered via continuous infusion is not included in the AHS Provinicial Parenteral Manual due to lack of current evidence to support this route for any indication.

Staff should reger to the AHS Provincial Parenteral Manual for guidance on appropriate medication administration requirements including dose concentration, infusion rates, route, stability, compatibility, precautions, education, equipment and monitoring.

Key points:

  • Lack of information on dimenhyDRINATE prepared and administered as a continuous infusion
  • Parenteral routes for dimenhyDRINATE include:
    • intravenous injection
    • intermittent intravenous infusion
    • subcutaneous injection
    • subcutaneous infusion
    • intramuscular injection
  • Refer to AHS Provincial Parenteral Manual for guidance on administration requurements

Please post this notice in your area and ensure all staff are aware. If an order is received for dimenhyDRINATE continuous infusion, please contact the prescriber to have the order changed.

Please contact the pharmacy department with any questions or concerns.

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