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Mini-Bag Shortage for Medication Administration

November 17 , 2017

The Issue: Manuafacturing and supple of Baxter mini-bags has resulted in a shortage of the following products:

  • dextrose 5% - 50 mL
  • dextrose 5% - 100 mL
  • sodium chloride 0.9% - 50 mL
  • sodium chloride 0.9% - 100 mL


Local conservation strategies and options MUST be implemented

Pharmacy and point of care to ensure continued availability for medication administration. Largest use of mini-bags is in point of care and it is critical that local nursing leadership in collaboration with other disciplines, examines their program and unit practices related to mini-bags. At this time, the duration of the shortage is unknown

Utilize alternate route of administration, when clinically appropriate. Collaborate with prescribers to:

ALERT: If the calculated time of administration for a Direct IV medication is more than 5 minutes a mini bag must be used

  • Resources to support the practice of IV Direct administration are available. For nursing practice questions related to IV Direct administration contact your Clinical Nurse Educator.
  • Reserve mini-bags for medication administration only.
    • Do not use mini-bags for other purposes (e.g. pump education, heating packs).
  • Utilize premixed solutions (e.g. clindamycin, gentamicin, and metronidazole) where possible.

Best Practice

    • For IV lock flushes, utilize prefilled normal saline flush syringes.
    • When setting up IV infusion lines, use alternate size bags (E.g. 250 mL, 500 mL, 1000 mL).


Your Site Pharmacy Department

Medication Management Safety Team

Clinical Learning: Carrie Waggot OR Cory Kormant 

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