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Calcium chloride 10%, 10 mL Injection USP LifeShield™ Syringe

November 09 , 2017

Issue: Calcium chloride 10%, 10 mL injection LifeShield™ syringes are on back order. Pfizer is the only Canadian manufacturer of this product. The expected release date is yet to be determined.

Effective immediately all calcuim chloride 10%, 10 mL injection LifeShield™ preloaded syringes will be reserved for the following situations:

  1. EMS
  2. Crash carts

Alternative for other situations (and once stock is depleted):

  • Calcium chloride 100 mg/mL injection, 10 mL vials (Calcijet®)

Additional Information:

  • Staff should be aware of the shortage of these pre-filled syringes
  • Calcium chloride 100 mg.mL vials should be used whenever possible (with the exception of EMS and crash carts_
  • Syringes will continue to be used to replace stock in crash carts and areas where preloaded syringes are necessary (i.e. EMS) until such time as stock is depleted.

Action: Please post this notice in your area and ensure all staff is informed about the change.

Contact: Please contact your site pharmacy department with any questions or concerns.

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