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Physicians are important role models for their patients and peers, which makes their own personal health an influential factor in health promotion and disease prevention. Physicians are characterized, in all of their interactions with patients, colleagues and support staff, by values of stewardship, integrity, collaboration, respect, compassion and social justice.

The medical profession is demanding. Often physicians work long hours, with many patients and staff depending on them. The best interests of patients are served when physicians take time to meet their own needs and are continually aware of their own wellness. This means recognizing limits imposed by fatigue, stress or illness and taking care to ensure a healthy work-life balance. This is not always easy. Physicians set high expectations for themselves and may not immediately recognize either transient or longer term periods of incapacity. Recognition of transient incapacity is particularly difficult.

Covenant Health recognizes the impact a medical career can have on a clinician’s lifestyle and family. A Physician Wellness Committee is being created to address the physical, emotional and social needs of these very busy professionals.

The purpose of Physician Wellness Committee will be to promote clinician well-being, prevent impairment from any cause and to assist clinicians who are impaired, or at risk of impairment, to return to the full, active, productive and satisfying practice of medicine, with no risk of patient harm.

The Covenant Health Physician Wellness Committee will be available to offer confidential assistance when a clinician needs emotional or behavioral evaluation, support, guidance and referral.

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