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Physician engagement is fundamental to quality patient care. The Covenant Health Physician Engagement Strategy is made up of seven elements:

  • Medical Leadership
  • Workforce Planning
  • Credentialing/Privileging
  • Physician Compensation
  • Orientation/Continuing Medical Education
  • Communication Plan
  • Physician Wellness

The strategy is reviewed on a regular basis in conjunction with feedback from medical staff, physician engagement survey results and leadership direction.

Why Physician Engagement?

For over three decades, Gallup has studied physician behaviour. Based on data from the US, UK and Canada, Gallup consistently finds that healthcare organizations with high levels of physician engagement relate to the following:

  • Higher quality of patient care
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Lower physician recruitment costs
  • Improved teamwork among nurses and physicians
  • Fewer medical malpractice claims

Five Levels of Physician Engagement

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