Medical Staff Portal

Medical Leadership Absence Notification

Medical leaders are required to notify the Medical Affairs Office of all absences greater than 96 hours and who will be providing medical leadership coverage. 

The following information is required:

  1. Name of physician
  2. Department
  3. Sites
  4. Days away (inclusive)
  5. Medical leadership coverage provided by
  6. Clinical coverage provided by

Leave of Absence Process Flowmap
Medical Leadership Absence Form

  Medical leader must inform:

  • Assigned clinical area
  • Medical Affairs Office(s) of affected site(s) via

 Medical Affairs will send out a notice to the affected site(s).

For leaves UNDER 7 days notice will go out to:

    • Health Records
    • Switchboard

For leaves OVER 7 days notice will go out via Medical Affairs to:

    • Health Records
    • Switchboard
    • Chief Medical Officer
    • Medical Director 
    • Facility Chiefs
    • Corporate Director