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Our Covenant Health Medical Staff Code of Conduct and Commitment to Ethical Integrity outlines the values, principles and standards of conduct that guide our actions and interactions. 

Our Covenant Health’s Commitment to Ethical Integrity is our code of conduct—it sets the standard and reinforces that as a member of the Covenant Health team, we are each accountable to uphold standards of behaviour and create the ethical culture by which our organization will be widely known. It is based on both rights and responsibilities. It protects and guides equally all of those who are part of, or work within, our health system.

It is at the heart of the Covenant Health Bylaws and Rules, principles, directives, policies, procedures, protocols, standards, codes of practice and any other applicable guidelines, regulations and directives that set out how we conduct ourselves as physicians. Our promise to ethical integrity is grounded in the Health Ethics Guide. The guide is published by the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada and is approved by the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops. It is our primary resource for ethical discernment and decision‐making.

Individual members of the medical staff shall demonstrate their accountability and compliance with Covenant Health Bylaws, Covenant Health Policies, the Health Ethics Guide published by the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada, the relevant Professional Code of Conduct, and the respective code of ethics of the relevant profession.  

Our Commitment to Ethical Integrity

Committment To Ethical Integrity



Download a copy of this brochure, Our Commitment to Ethical Integrity. Hard copies of this brochure are available by request through the Medical Affairs office. 

Ethics at Covenant Health

Cov Ethics BrochureFor more information, including steps in the decision-making process, key principles, and definitions, see our brochure Ethics at Covenant Health. Hard copies of this brochure are available by request through the Medical Affairs office.

The Catholic Health Alliance of Canada Health Ethics Guide  


Key clinical and organizational policies, ethics consultations, and ethics education at Covenant Health are based on the principles contained in the Health Ethics Guide. It is also a defining document of our organizational identity referenced in the Cooperation and Service Agreement with Alberta Health Services.

The guide is intended to help providers navigate the complex ethical issues encountered while providing service to the people in our care. The guide is also a key component of board orientation, leadership development programs for staff and the privileging process with physicians. 

Hard copies are available at no charge for our physicians from the Covenant Health Medical Affairs office or from your site administration office in continuing care or rural areas. Alternatively, copies can be requested from the Mission, Ethics and Spirituality Covenant Health Office by calling 780.735.9597 or refer to the Ethics section under Corporate Services. 

CPSA Code of Conduct

The CPSA Code of Conduct clarifies the college’s expectations for Alberta’s physicians in all stages of their careers, in all facets of medicine, and in all methods of care delivery.

The Code is consistent with the Canadian Medical Association’s Code of Ethics and complements the CPSA’s Standards of Practice. Alberta physicians are expected to know and abide by these rules.

The CPSA Code of Conduct is the product of collaboration between the college and other key groups and a comprehensive consultation incorporating feedback received from physicians.

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