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Observership Process (Covenant Health)

  • The Observer must locate and coordinate directly with physician to be observed prior to application processing. 
  • If a request for a Medical Staff Observership is made by a requester to a department or person, other than Medical Affairs, please refer him/her to MEDICAL AFFAIRS office via phone or email for completion of required paperwork.  If a physician wants to bring in someone to observe, prior contact with medical affairs is required with as much advance notification as possible. 
  • Medical Staff Observer Requester must make contact with the physician being observed and confirm and provide a copy of that physician’s written approval to medical affairs via email upon request.
  • Medical Affairs will make contact and send out the required paperwork (Application & Confidentiality Agreement) to the Medical Staff Observer
  • In addition to the Application & Confidentiality Agreement, Medical Affairs will require from the Medical Staff Observer
    • Written confirmation of approval from the Physician being observed
    • Confirmation of effective dates – Start /end dates (max 3 months)
  • Once completed application/confidentiality agreement has been received as well as approvals, Medical Affairs will draft an approval letter for submission to VP/CMO [Vice President & Chief Medical Officer] for  signature.
  • A copy of signed letter of approval from VP/CMO is then forwarded to Observer, the physician being observed, and the Facility Chief for Department/area plus OR currently via Fax MCH 780-735-2967 / GNH 780-735-9650, (if applicable)
  • MAXIMUM Length of an observership = 3 months
  • Parking Office will be notified by email confirming name and Start/End dates if at MCH/GNH site.
  • Within this letter there is a statement. 

“The Medical Staff Observer understands the position is for ‘shadowing’ only.  While in Covenant Health facilities, the Medical Staff Observer will not undertake direct patient care, including history taking, physical examinations, entries into Health Records or access to Patient Care Information Systems.  Observation Only is defined as:  NO hands-on work with patients and NO patient consults.

Please note:   Electronic devices including cameras are NOT allowed in OR suites and no photographic images are to be taken unless prior consent has been obtained from supervising physician and/or Department Facility Chief plus operational unit manager. A signed patient photographic consent form also must be obtained.  In compliance with the highest degree of anonymity principle under the Health Information Act, any patient identifying health information must be stripped of personal identifiers, and removing contextual information.

  • Once signed letter has been received, Medical Staff Observer is ready to start his Covenant Health observership (from Covenant Health Medical Affairs perspective).

  • A name tag must be secured & worn at all times when in a Covenant Health Facility. This ID tag must be returned to either the parking office or the program manager at the end of observation period.

View Process (pdf)