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Appointment & Privileging Overview

To provide services within Covenant Health facilities or programs, a practitioner must be a member of the Covenant Health medical staff. To become a member, they must go through the related but distinct processes of credentialing, appointment and clinical privileging.

Covenant Health and Alberta Health Services (AHS) are committed to working collaboratively to deliver quality health services and improve safety.

Part of this commitment includes a collaborative approach to credentialing, appointments and delineation of clinical privileges as formalized in a master agreement between Covenant Health and AHS for the sharing of such information and services. See Definition of Terms for further information.

Covenant Health only appoints practitioners who meet AHS standards and will not grant an appointment or clinical privileges until a practitioner has been granted an appointment by AHS.

Covenant Health is responsible for the granting of appointments and clinical privileges to any practitioner who will be providing patient care services within facilities and sites of clinical activity operated by Covenant Health.

Appointment to medical staff is not a right. It is granted by Covenant Health to professional and competent individuals based on:

  • needs of Covenant Health.
  • the Practitioner Workforce Plan.
  • available resources or facilities required for requested procedures.
  • practitioner training experience, demonstrated ability and skills.
  • current clinical competence.

An application for an appointment and clinical privileges at a Covenant Health site is the end result of a recruitment process which includes validation of qualifications, interviews and reference checks.

In many cases, the recruitment process will be a joint one with AHS, as a large proportion of practitioners recruited to practice at a Covenant Health site will also practice at an AHS facility.

The validation of qualifications, interviewing and reference checking may also be conducted jointly or may be led by one organization or the other depending on the nature and location(s) of the position being filled.

If a Covenant Health applicant is not going to have AHS privileges (will not be practicing at an AHS facility) at least one of their references for AHS appointment should be the Covenant Health medical leader who is recruiting them.

The application process for an individual requesting an appointment and clinical privileges for a Covenant Health site proceeds in the following way:

  • The applicant submits an AHS Medical Staff Application Form and supporting documentation to the relevant AHS Zone Medical Affairs Office.
  • A copy of the application and supporting documentation is shared with Covenant Health Medical Affairs, but is not processed by Covenant Health until the AHS appointment process is complete.
  • The application proceeds: review and recommendation by the AHS Zone Clinical Department and Zone Medical Advisory Committee (ZARC), with final review and decision by the AHS Chief Medical Officer (CMO).
  • When an application is approved by the AHS CMO and an appointment letter is sent to the applicant, a copy is also sent to Covenant Health .
  • Covenant Health medical affairs staff review the application and AHS appointment, create a  file and populate the database.
  • The application package along with all supporting documentation, including license and liability, is sent to the Covenant Health facility chief for departmental acceptance or denial. Response and turnaround time for applicant assessment by the facility chief is 48 hours.
  • Medical Affairs senior staff reviews the application for accuracy and completion.
  • All information is then forwarded to Vice-President, Medicine & Chief Medical Officer, Covenant Health for review, approval and signature of an approval or denial letter.
  • Covenant Health Medical Affairs sends notification letter either approving privileges or denying application to the applicant and notifies any/all appropriate stakeholders as required.

For more information see Medical Staff Bylaws, Medical Staff Rules and/or helpful Guides sheets and process flow map.

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