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Covenant Health has established the Medical Staff Bylaws and Medical Staff Rules in order to assist Practitioners work within Covenant Health facilities. An important section in the Covenant Health Bylaws relates  to the processes for conducting a Triggered Initial Assessment (Part A) of a Concern or other information/complaints, as well as a Triggered Initial Assessment (Part B) (Triggered Review) of a Concern. This part of these Bylaws applies to all Practitioners, including medical administrative leaders, and to all categories of appointment. This document should not be used as a replacement for the Bylaws; it is simply a concise reference outlining a Practitioner’s patient care, professional conduct and governance responsibilities. (See also Concerns Guide Sheet)

If you have any questions about Medical Appointments, please contact Covenant Health Medical Affairs. For additional information, please refer to PART 6 – Triggered Initial Assessment And Triggered Review”  in the Covenant Health Medical Staff Bylaws.

Triggered Initial Assessment & Review Guide Sheet (PDF)

Definition of Terms

Triggered Initial Assessment (TIA) Part A
An investigation and initial assessment of a Concern or other information/complaints about a Practitioner.  

Triggered Initial Assessment (TIA) Part B (Triggered Review)
A review undertaken in response to a Concern about a Practitioner's professional performance and/or conduct. 

Triggered Initial Assessment, Review and Hearing Process Algorithm

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 Concern Process Pic