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Covenant Health  has established the Medical Staff Bylaws and Medical Staff Rules in order to help assist Practitioners in the workplace. This document should not be used as a replacement for the Bylaws; it is simply a concise reference to Periodic Reviews and how they are performed. If you have any questions please email to

Periodic Reviews Guide (PDF)

Process Overview 

What is a Periodic Review?

A Periodic Review is a required, scheduled review of a Practitioner’s professional performance, including a meeting between a Practitioner and the Department Facility Chief, Medical Director or designate(s) to review the Practitioner’s professional performance, identify professional development goals, exchange information regarding the functioning of the department in the context of the Practitioner’s Appointment and Clinical Privileges, and/or discuss actions arising from previous reviews.

How often do I need a Periodic Review?

Practitioners appointed to Active Staff must participate in a Periodic Review every three years or more frequently if specified in the Letter of Offer. Probationary and Locum Tenens Staff must have an initial Periodic Review (or Performance Assessment) at the conclusion of their first year and every three years thereafter. All practitioners, other than those in the Community Staff category, are subject to annual Periodic Reviews when they reach 65 years of age.

How are Periodic Reviews scheduled?

The Alberta Health Services Medical Affairs Office will prepare an annual schedule of Periodic Reviews by March 31 of each year to be performed over the course of the next 12 months. A monthly schedule shall be provided to Covenant Health Medical Affairs office who will forward to Covenant Health Medical Directors and/or Facility Chiefs.  The Facility Chief or designate(s) shall provide each Practitioner with sixty days’ notice of his/her planned Periodic Review.

Who will perform my Periodic Review?

The Periodic Review shall be initiated and conducted by the department’s Facility Chief or designate(s) to which the Practitioner has his/her primary appointment. Other relevant medical administrative leaders from other zones, may also participate in a Practitioner’s Periodic Review.

Will I be able to review my Periodic Review results?

Yes. A written summary of the Periodic Review will be sent to the Practitioner and placed on the Practitioner’s Covenant Health file within fourteen days of the review. Except as required by law or permitted by the Bylaws, a Practitioner’s Periodic Review will not be disclosed without consent.

What happens in the case of a negative review?

If a Concern arises from the Periodic Review related to the Practitioner’s responsibilities and accountability, the Department’s Facility Chief or designate will forward a report outlining the concern(s) to the Site Medical Director, the Senior Vice-President, Medicine Covenant Health and to the Zone Medical Director of Alberta Health Services. A copy of the report will also be forwarded to the Practitioner. After review, the Chief Medical Officer / Vice President, Medicine Covenant Health or Zone Medical Director may choose to initiate a Triggered Review.

Do I ever have to apply for re-appointment?

No. Both the Covenant Health and Alberta Health Services Medical Staff Bylaws differ from many legacy bylaws in that Practitioners do not need to apply for re-appointment. Instead, Periodic Reviews are used as a means for maintaining your Covenant Health/AHS Appointment.