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Covenant Health has established the Medical Staff Bylaws and Medical Staff Rules in order to assist Practitioners work within our facilities. Knowing the requirements and how to apply will help to streamline your application for a Covenant Health Medical Appointment. This document should not be used as a replacement for the Bylaws; it is simply a concise reference outlining how to apply for an Appointment, the various categories of Appointments, and the application approval process.

If you have any questions about Medical Appointments, please contact Covenant Health Medical Affairs. For additional information, please refer to “Part 3 – The Process for Medical Staff Appointments and Clinical Privileges” of the Covenant Health Medical Staff Bylaws.

Clinical Appointments Guide (PDF)

What are Appointments?

An Appointment is the process of becoming a member of the Medical Staff. In order to provide services within Covenant Health facilities, or programs, a practitioner must be a member of the Medical Staff.  

A provincial Medical Staff Appointment outlines the category of Appointment (Probationary, Active, Temporary, Community or Locum Tenens) and the rights and responsibilities exclusive to that Practitioner.

Prior to applying to Covenant Health a practitioner must hold a Medical Staff Appointment granted by Alberta Health Services(AHS) who will assign the Practitioner  to a primary Zone Clinical Department (ZCD) and grant appropriate Clinical Privileges for AHS facilities. 

A Covenant Health application is then required for practitioners requesting appointment and privileges in a Covenant Health facility. 

How do I qualify for an Appointment?

Appointment to the Medical Staff is conditional upon:

  • A license for independent practice from the relevant College;
  • Appropriate liability coverage;
  • Qualifications, standards and requirements that initially and continuously meet the guidelines in the Covenant Health Medical Staff Bylaws and Medical Staff Rules;
  • An assessment of the applicants suitability, ability and willingness to accept and discharge his/her responsibilities;
  • A determination by Covenant Health and AHS that the appointment is warranted and supportable; and
  • A Medical Staff Appointment and Clinical Privileges granted by AHS;

What are the categories of Appointments?

There are five categories of Appointments:

  • Probationary Staff: An initial Appointment applicable to all Medical Staff, other than those in the Temporary and Community category or those appointed directly to the Active Staff category by the Covenant Health Senior Vice-President, Medicine. Probationary Appointments last for a minimum of twelve months to a maximum of twenty-four months.
  • Active Staff: Practitioners who have satisfied the requirements of the probationary period or have been appointed directly by the Covenant Health Senior Vice-President, Medicine.
  • Temporary Staff: A short-term, temporary Appointment for a specific purpose and for a defined time (not to exceed 120 consecutive days) with scope of practice defined by the clinical privileges granted.
  • Community Staff: An Appointment to a Practitioner who does not provide specified clinical services for patients in facilities but wants to partake in Covenant Health activities and membership benefits.
  • Locum Tenens Staff: Temporary placement(s) in an existing Covenant Health practice and/or facility in order to address a short-term absence or workforce shortfall.

How do I apply for an Appointment?

Most  applicants are recruited for Appointment through combined Covenant Health and AHS Zone-specific processes that may vary by Zone or by site. In order to apply for Covenant Health Appointment:

  • After successful completion of AHS application process and AHS granted appointment, submit a  request for a Covenant Health application package (via phone, email or in person).
  • Contact and obtain initial approval with the facility Medical Director or Facility Chief of requested Department.
  • Submit completed Covenant Health Application along with
    • A copy of AHS application and supporting documents including :
      • A certificate of good standing/practice permit from the relevant licensing body;
      • Proof of liability coverage from the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA), Canadian Dental Service Plans (CDSP) or other relevant liability insurance provider;
      • A current Curriculum Vitae (CV); and
      • Any other documentation required as outlined on the Covenant Health application form.
      • Please contact the Covenant Health Medical Affairs Office  information on the operational process.

How long does the application process take?

The application process takes approximately 30 calendar days from the time that a Covenant Health Medical Affairs Office receives a completed application with all required documentation including copy of AHS Letter of Offer.  


What are the stages in the Application approval process?

See chart below (click on image to enlarge)

 Application Process Stages


What is included in a Covenant Health Medical Staff Letter of Offer?

A Covenant Health Medical Staff Letter of Offer indicates:

  • Term of the Appointment
  • Category of the Appointment
  • Clinical Privileges granted
  • Return in Service Agreement (if applicable)

Can an application be denied?

Yes. If an application is deemed unfavorable by the Covenant Health Medical Affairs Office or VMedicine, their report(s) could recommend that the application be denied rather than amended. All denied applications may be appealed.

What is an Attestation Form?

An Attestation Form is a signed information verification document that includes, but is not limited to, a copy of your current practice permit and evidence of Canadian citizenship. An Attestation Form must be completed and submitted to the AHS Medical Affairs Office within 12 months of being appointed and annually thereafter. Maintaining up-to-date Attestation Forms is a condition of Appointment. A copy of this is made available to Covenant Health Medical Affairs office.  See Also AIVA Guide