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Annual Information Verification
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Covenant Health has established the Medical Staff Bylaws and Medical Staff Rules in order to assist Practitioners work within Covenant Health facilities. An important section in the Covenant Health Bylaws related to Information Required for Continuation on the Medical Staff. This document should not be used as a replacement for the Bylaws; it is simply a concise reference outlining a Practitioner’s patient care, professional conduct and governance responsibilities. 

If you have any questions about Medical Appointments, please contact Covenant Health Medical Affairs. For additional information, please refer to "Part 3.3.4 – Information Required for Continuation on the Medical Staff” in the Covenant Health Medical Staff Rules.

Annual Information Verification and Attestation (AIVA) Guide (PDF)

Each practitioner, as a condition of their continuation on the COV/AHS Medical Staff, must submit an completed and signed information verification and attestation to the AHS zone medical affairs office within 12 months of being appointed and annually thereafter in order to maintain their appointment and clinical privileges in good standing in both Covenant Health and Alberta Health Services facilities. This is part of our process of quality assurance.

The AIVA process confirms that each Practitioner continues to meet the minimum requirements to be a member of the Medical Staff (relevant regulatory College practice permit, professional liability coverage, legal right to live and work in Canada) and requires Practitioners to identify any professional liability judgments, orders or arbitration decisions the Practitioner has been involved in.

The AIVA process also includes an annual reminder of the specific clinical privileges a Practitioner has been granted and in doing so, provides an opportunity for self-reflection on continuing competence plans and reminds them of the need to apply for a change of clinical privileges, if desired.

Each Zone’s AHS Medical Staff Office generates the AIVA form for each Practitioner whose primary appointment is in that zone and distributes these to Practitioners during the first week of January. The deadline for submission of the completed AIVA form and copies of proof of licensure and liability coverage to the Zone Medical Staff office will be end of February of the current year. Once the completed form along with supporting documentation is received by AHS, it is shared with Covenant Health for Covenant Health privileged physicians with a copy being attached to the physician’s electronic record.