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The medical staff in each Covenant Health facility have established a medical staff association to facilitate the engagement and participation of the medical staff in practitioner-related matters, and the fulfilment of the responsibilities and duties of practitioners. The medical staff associations are the representative bodies of Practitioners in matters related to the Covenant Health Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules. The medical staff associations shall be governed by their own constitution. (see Coventant Health Bylaws 2.9 – Facility Medical Staff Association). A medical staff association executive committee is formed from the membership, consisting of hospital physicians including the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

The medical staff association executive strives to represents the best interests of the medical staff association membership. The executive team works to facilitate communication and liaise with the hospital administration to promote positive outcomes. They advocate for physicians through inclusion, leadership development and the promotion of a workplace that values integrity, research, learning, teaching, clinical excellence and the communication of knowledge. They would like to hear your opinions and your ideas for the medical staff association. Please feel free to contact your respective facility's medical staff association executive.

Welcome Message from President

Welcome from the MCH MSA President 
Dr. Pauline Alakija

Pauline Alakija

Welcome to the Misericordia Community Hospital (MCH). The Misericordia Medical Staff Association (MSA) represents physicians at the Misericordia to the Covenant Health Board of Alberta and administration. The president serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors of Covenant Health of Alberta. The association is also represented at: 

  • Facility Medical Advisory Committee (FMAC) meetings
  • Provincial Medical Executive Committee (PMEC)
  • Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Council Association (EZMSA)

I am honored to be the President of the Misericordia Medical Staff Association, and I take this position of advocacy seriously. This Medical Staff Association connects you with your colleagues and medical leaders in Covenant and AHS. Please utilize this Association to influence matters that affect you and your patients. We are lucky to have leaders such as Bob Black and Owen Heisler, and I plan to communicate closely with both of them. It is important that you bring issues to me or to our Quarterly Medical Staff Meetings. Our upcoming Quarterly Staff Meetings  will be held on October 5, and December 15 at 5-6:30pm.  Add these dates to your calendar, and bring your concerns, issues and suggestions for improving your work environment.

There is a history of the Misericordia Medical Staff having camaraderie and a feeling of community. Please help continue this positive culture by attending social functions like the Annual Spring Dinner and the Christmas Dinner.

My office is located in the main floor in the Pathology Department. You are welcome to visit me there or phone me on my cell at 780-707-0566

 Read More - Dr. Pauline Alakija

MSA Leadership & Contacts

Misericordia Community Hospital MSA Elected Leadership 2017-2018

Dr. Pauline Alakija  President, MCH Medical Staff Association
Vacant   Vice-President, MCH Medical Staff Association
Dr. Manisha Khurana  Secretary/Treasurer, MCH Medical Staff Association

MSA Executive Committee - 2017-2018

The Medical Staff Association Executive Committee's mandate is to represent the best interests of the Misericordia Medical Staff Association membership.

Current Committee Members:
Dr. Pauline Alakija  President, MCH Medical Staff Association
Vacant Vice-President, MCH Medical Staff Association
Dr. Manisha Khurana  Treasurer MSA, Geriatric Medicine MCH
Dr. Randy Naiker  Past President MSA, Family Practice MCH 
Dr. Bob Black  Medical Director, Misericordia Hospital
Dr. Richard Gurke  Addictions & Mental Health MCH 
Dr. Ella Rokosh ICU MCH 
Dr. Christopher Walker  Laboratory Medicine  MCH 
Dr. Benjamin Sugars – Medicine MCH 
Dr. Malcolm Scott – Facility Chief, Diagnostic Imaging  MCH
Dr. Gail Black - Women's Health MCH
Dr. Korwin Cromwell - Emergency Medicine MCH
Dr. Marcelo Shibata - Cardiac Science MCH
Dr. Dorothy Hardy - Anesthesia MCH
Dr. Sharif Shaik - Pediatric Child Health MCH
Dr. Dale Berg - Surgery MCH

Misericordia Medical Staff Association Contact Information

MSA Administrative Assistant: Milly Abraham
Phone: 780.735.9050
Fax: 780.735.9091

Mailing Address
Misericordia Community Hospital
MSA Office Room 1N-100
16940-87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB   T5R 4H5


MSA General Site Information

Hospital computer access requirements

You will need access to netCARE and PACS, eClinician, VAX, etc. All physicians are now required to have E-signature accounts. To have this arranged, our medical staff secretary will provide you with the application forms you need. All forms must be authorized by the Medical Affairs staff before they can be submitted to the respective offices. It is also advised you have a Windows NT account set up to access the hospital computers and a hospital email account. Please contact the Medical Affairs secretary who will arrange to have these set up for you. It is important for the Medical Affairs Office to ensure they have your correct email address as you will be sent important information from our office on a regular basis.  If your email address changes at all, please inform the Medical Affairs Office.

ID Badge 

Once privileges have been approved, an ID/access badge is provided by Parking Services Office (780.735.2503).


Lockers are available in the physician lounge. They are assigned. If you would like a locker please see MCH Medical Affairs staff.


Site mailboxes in the physician lounge are granted once dues are paid. Please see Medical Affairs (Tracy James) for mailbox assignment.

Physician Lounge

Access to physician lounge is granted once medical staff dues are paid.


MSA MCH Dues & Parking

Misericordia Medical Staff Association (MSA) Dues –

Paid annually (April 1-March 31)

The Misericordia MSA fee this 2018-19 fiscal year is $350. Medical staff dues provide for payment of a modest honorarium for the president, medical staff dinners, the Annual Spring Dinner, the Christmas Dinner, the use of the doctors' lounge and other expenditures as required. If the Misericordia Community Hospital (MCH) is your prime site, you are requested to pay these dues as part of your membership in the MCH Medical Staff Association. You are not expected to pay dues for more than one site. Therefore, if the MCH is not your principal site, and you are paying dues for the site association at another site within the Edmonton Zone, you are not expected to pay dues at the MCH.

Parking at Misericordia Hospital

Paid annually (April 1-March 31)

A reciprocal annual parking pass is available at the cost of $1,140 for the year which is adjusted as per the regional rate. If you are paying for parking, you should have both an MCH ID badge, which gives you access to the doctors’ parking lot, and an Alberta Health Services (AHS) placard, which allows for reciprocal parking at other AHS Edmonton Zone sites. There is a $50 fee for replacement of a lost placard.

Only processing of annual reciprocal parking is done through this office. Processing of all other forms of parking will be through the MCH Parking Office, 8th Floor Cabrini Building, Room 817.

See Physician Parking for more detailed information.

Contact for Payment of Dues and Parking at MCH

Misericordia Community Hospital, Medical Affairs
Room 1N-100
Phone: 780.735.2924   
Fax: 780.735.9091

Email:  Laurie Wear
Hours:  0730 - 1530  


MSA Meetings & Events

Meeting Schedule

All Misericordia Medical Staff Association meetings will start at 5 p.m. with hors d’oeuvres/appetizers. Meetings will begin at 5:30 p.m. Meetings are held in the Misericordia Auditorium, Room 1N-100

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Wednesday, June 14, 2017  
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Wednesday, December 13, 2017 (Christmas Dinner*)


2018 MSA sponsored Physician Workshop - Varscona Hotel
March 2018 - TBA

2018 Spring Banquet - Beverly Hills Ballroom | Fantasyland Hotel | 107700 87 Ave
Friday, May 4, 2018 | Cocktails: 6:30 pm | Dinner: 7:30 pm 

MSA News

Multi Specialty Grand Rounds (2017)  

The MCH Medical Education Committe is still looking for speakers for our monthly rounds held in the Auditorium. Contact Tracy James in Medical Education if you have suggestions.

MSA Resident/ Student of the Year Awards

Resident/Student of the Year Awards

The Resident/Student of the Year Awards are selected by preceptors who have had residents and students in their programs throughout the year. 

2016-2017 Recipients  
Emergency Medicine Joseph Dimitry
General Surgery Dr. David Lesniak
Geriatrics Raheem Suleman
Internal Medicine Dr. Angeline DeCicco
Obstetrics & Gynecology Danielle Meunier
Child Health Helya Aghazadeh
Neonatology Dr. Kristen Hui
Orthopedics Dr. Scott Westberg
Addictions & Mental Health Dr. Shaina Archer
Pathology Dr. Krista Lee Watson


2015-2016 Recipients
Emergency Medicine  Dr. Stephen Petryk
General Surgery  Dr. Jeff Jamieson
Geriatrics  Dr. Karen Leung
Internal Medicine #1  Dr. Jalalooddin Moolji
Internal Medicine #2  Joseph Dimitry
Obstetrics & Gynecology  Dr. Jennifer Rodych
Child Health  Dr. Veronica Tomcej
Neonatology  Dr. Linda Mahgoub
Orthopedics  Dr. Babak Sharifi
Addictions & Mental Health  Ying Ling
Pathology  Dr. Jeff Tompkins


2014-2015 Recipients  
Emergency Medicine Dr. Christopher Lin
General Surgery Dr. Alan Brilz
Geriatrics Dr. Pascaline DeCairny
Internal Medicine Dr. Simran Jassar
Obstetrics & Gynecology Ian Rodger
Child Health Dr. Eric Wong
Neonatology Dr. Mohamed El-Kalla
Addictions & Mental Health Dr. Robert Flook



MSA Teaching Awards

Excellence in Teaching

Physicians nominate fellow physician(s) for their “Excellence in Teaching” for the site, listed by year.

Year Misericordia Excellence in Teaching Recipient 
2017 Dr. Paul Kivi
2016 Dr. Sheny Khera
2015 Dr. Douglas Chan
2014 Dr. Kay Meier
2013 Dr. John Danyluk
2012 Dr. Marjan Abbasi
2011 Dr. Michael Nutting
2010 Dr. Kathy Kirdeikis
2009 Dr. David Adams


Teacher of the Year

Students/residents nominate physicians for their “Excellent in Teaching” for this site. 

Year Misericordia Teacher of the Year Recipient 
2017 Dr. Neelam Gupta
2016 Dr. Felix Soibelman
2015 Dr. Kevin Harris
2014 Dr. Gabriel Suen
2013  Dr. John Kachope
2012 Dr. John Kachope/ Dr. Mohammed Ansarian/Dr. Kenneth Joffe
2011 Dr. Kenneth Joffe
2010  Dr. Sveta Silverman/Dr. Kenneth Joffe



MSA President Alumni

Misericordia Community Hospital
Medical Staff Association President Alumni by Term

We would like to thank and recognize previous presidents that, over the years, have contributed great service to the association and its members. 

2016 & 2017 Dr. Pauline Alakija
2014 & 2015 Dr. Randy Naiker
2013 & 2014    Dr. Randy Naiker
2011 & 2012 Dr. Gail Black
2009 & 2010 Dr. Jasneet Parmar
2007 & 2008 Dr. Michael Nutting
2005 & 2006 Dr. Bob Black
2003 & 2004 Dr. Eric Preville