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Grey Nuns Community Hospital Medical Staff Association

The medical staff in each Covenant Health facility have established a medical staff association to facilitate the engagement and participation of the medical staff in practitioner-related matters, and the fulfilment of the responsibilities and duties of practitioners. The medical staff associations are the representative bodies of Practitioners in matters related to the Covenant Health Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules. The medical staff associations shall be governed by their own constitution. (see Covenant Health Bylaws 2.9 – Facility Medical Staff Association). A medical staff association executive committee is formed from the membership, consisting of hospital physicians including the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

The medical staff association executive strives to represents the best interests of the medical staff association membership. The executive team works to facilitate communication and liaise with the hospital administration to promote positive outcomes. They advocate for physicians through inclusion, leadership development and the promotion of a workplace that values integrity, research, learning, teaching, clinical excellence and the communication of knowledge. They would like to hear your opinions and your ideas for the medical staff association. Please feel free to contact your respective facility's medical staff association executive.

Welcome Message from President

Welcome from the GNCH MSA President 
Dr. Jennine Wismark

Welcome to the Grey Nuns Community Hospital (GNCH). I am your new president of the Medical Staff Association starting July 1, 2017.  I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you over the next two years.

The Grey Nuns Medical Staff Association represents physicians at the GNCH to Covenant Health and administration. The association is also represented at the Facility Medical Advisory Committee (FMAC) and the Provincial Medical Executive Committee (PMEC) meetings. The president also represents you on the Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association, which, in turn, represents all physicians in the zone with Alberta Health Services administration and board, with government, and at Presidents' Council.

The executive of the MSA is composed of the president, vice-president, treasurer and program representatives. The executive meets regularly, and you are encouraged to bring any concerns you have forward through your facility chiefs or other member of the executive. General medical staff meetings are held five times a year (September, November, January, April, June). Lunch is served for the medical staff outside the auditorium before the meetings.

If GNCH is your principal site, I would ask you to support your association by paying annual dues of $300 a year. You are not expected to pay dues for more than one site’s association. You are also encouraged to join the Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association with a fee of $150 per year.

Medical staff dues provide for payment of a modest honorarium for the president, medical staff lunches, the Annual Spring Dinner, the Christmas lunch, coffee/tea/hot chocolate in the doctors' lounge, awards and other expenditures as required.

With the ever increasing demands on our time, the MSA is planning to focus on physician wellness in the coming year.  We are introducing a wine and cheese party one Friday of each month in the Medical Staff Lounge.  Please come introduce yourself to the MSA executive and to your follow physicians.  We are hoping to plan a one day physician wellness retreat in the coming year.  Over the years the Grey Nuns Medical Staff has shown we can, not only do well with less, but do better with less.  This is only possible with a staff of healthy physician's and great teamwork.  The physician wellness initiatives aim to keep us healthy enough to continue the excellent work we do here at the Grey Nuns and in our community.

We are very proud of our traditions at the GNCH and of the active involvement of members of the medical staff. Even though we have been through very difficult times, we have worked hard to maintain this spirit of collaboration and working together on the basis of the principle of the greatest good for the patient. We ask for your support, not only financial, but through your participation and input.

MSA Leadership & Contacts

Grey Nuns MSA Elected Leadership 2018-2019

Dr. Jennine Wismark –  President, GNCH Medical Staff Association
Dr.  Pablo Amigo– Vice-President, GNCH Medical Staff Association
Dr. Sandra Baydock – Secretary/Treasurer, GNCH Medical Staff Association

MSA Executive Committee -2018-2019

The Medical Staff Association Executive Committee's mandate is to represent the best interests of the Grey Nuns Medical Staff Association membership.

Current Committee Members:

Dr. Jennine Wismark  President, GNCH Medical Staff Association
Dr. Pablo Amigo  Vice-President, GNCH Medical Staff Association
Dr. Sandra Baydock  Secretary/Treasurer, GNCH Medical Staff Association

Dr. Jan Banasch - Facility Chief, Addiction & Mental Health, GNCH
Dr. Michael Bowman - Facility Chief, Child Health, GNCH
Dr. Amanda Brisebois  Facility Chief, Department of Medicine GNCH
Dr, Thomas Corbett  Facility Chief, Department of Women's Health GNCH
Dr. Dominic Carney  Facility Chief (interim), Department of Critical Care Adult (ICU)
Dr. Irene Colliton Facility Chief, Department of Family Medicine GNCH
Dr. Jordan English, Facility Chief, Diagnostic Imaging GNCH
Dr. Robin Fainsinger – Past President, GNCH MSA & Facility Chief, Palliative Care,  GNCH 
Dr. Pat San Agustin  Facility Chief (interim), Department of Emergency GNCH
Dr. Maruf Saddik, Facility Chief, Lab Medicine GNCH
Dr. Cliff Sample  Facility Chief, Department of Surgery GNCH
Dr. Sanjay Sharma - Facility Chief, Cardiac Sciences, GNCH
Dr. Matthew Simmonds  Facility Chief, Department of Anesthesia GNCH
Dr. Lotje Wasilenko - Facility Chief, Geriatrics, GNCH

Grey Nuns Medical Staff Association Contact Information

Medical Affairs Secretary: Cindy Heathcote
Phone: 780.735.7434
Fax: 780.735.9921

Mailing Address:
Grey Nuns Community Hospital 
MSA Office Room 1713
1100 Youville Drive West NW
Edmonton AB   T6L 5X8

MSA GNCH Dues & Parking

Grey Nuns Medical Staff Association (MSA) Dues     

Paid annually (April 1-March 31)

The Grey Nuns MSA fee this 2018-19 fiscal year is $300. This includes two tickets to the annual 2018 spring function. If the Grey Nuns Community Hospital (GNCH) is your prime site, you are requested to pay these dues as part of your membership in the Grey Nuns Medical Staff Association. As well, you will be entitled to access the lounge and all the amenities associated with it including a mailbox. You are not expected to pay dues for more than one site. Therefore, if the GNCH is not your prime site, and you are paying dues for the medical staff at another site within Alberta Health Services Edmonton Zone, you are not expected to pay dues at the GNCH. 

Parking at Grey Nuns Community Hospital

A reciprocal annual parking pass is available at the cost of $1,140 for the year, which is adjusted as per the regional rate. If you are paying for parking, you should have both a GNCH ID badge, which gives you access to the doctors’ parking lot, and an Alberta Health Services (AHS) placard, which allows for reciprocal parking at other AHS sites. There is a $50 fee for replacement of a lost placard. 

Only processing of annual reciprocal parking will be done through this office. Processing of all other parking needs will be met through the GNCH Parking Office, Room 1106 (next to Chapel).

See Physician Parking for more detailed information.

Contact for Payment of Dues and Parking

GNCH Executive Administration, Medical Affairs
Room 1713

Phone:  780.735.7434   
Fax: 780.735.9921 

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. 

MSA General Site Information

Hospital computer access requirements

You will need access to netCARE and PACS, eClinician, VAX, etc. All physicians are now required to have E-signature accounts. To have this arranged, our medical staff secretary will provide you with the application forms you need. All forms must be authorized by the Medical Affairs staff before they can be submitted to the respective offices. It is also advised you have a Windows NT account set up to access the hospital computers and a hospital email account. Please contact the Medical Affairs secretary who will arrange to have these set up for you. It is important for the Medical Affairs Office to ensure they have your correct email address as you will be sent important information from our office on a regular basis.  If your email address changes at all, please inform the Medical Affairs Office.

ID badge 

Once privileges have been approved, an ID/access badge is provided by Parking Services Office (780.735.7051). 


Site mailboxes in the physician lounge are granted once dues are paid. Please see Medical Affairs for mailbox assignment. 

Lab coats

Clean Lab coats are located in the GNCH Physicians Lounge Rm 1617 for your use.  GNCH Housekeeping will be regularly monitoring the supply.
Dirty Lab coats must be placed in the marked laundry bin (marked in red) in the physicians lounge.  Dirty Lab coats ARE NOT to be left on the units or placed in the regular hospital laundry.
If you have any issues or concerns, kindly contact environmental services directly at 780-735-7131 (0700 hrs to 2300 hrs) 7 days a week.


Lockers are available in the physician lounge for daily use. Please bring your own lock and remove it at the end of your shift.

Lockers are available in the Operating Room for anesthetists, gynecologists/obstetricians and surgeons. Please contact the OR staff. 

Physicians Lounge – GNCH Room 1617

A lounge for the use of the medical staff is provided on the main floor in Room 1617.  Basic amenities are provided along with three computers and a printer, which are available for your use.

ID Swipe Card access is required to enter the lounge which can be obtained from Parking Office on the main floor, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Once medical staff dues have been paid, access to the lounge will be granted.


MSA Meetings & Events

General Staff Meeting Schedule

All meetings start 12 noon to 1 p.m. in the GNCH Auditorium.
Lunch will be provided.

  • Thursday, September 7, 2017
  • Thursday, November 16, 2017
  • Thursday, January 11, 2018
  • Thursday, April 26, 2018
  • Thursday, June 21, 2018 

General Staff Meetings & Events Schedule 2017 - 2018

Medical Executive Meeting Schedule 

All meetings start 12 noon to 1 p.m. in the GNCH Boardroom.
Lunch will be provided.

  • Thursday, August 31, 2017
  • Thursday, November 2, 2017
  • Thursday, January 4, 2018
  • Thursday, April 19, 2018 *Changed to April 12th, 2018
  • Thursday, June 14, 2018

Medical Executive Meetings Schedule 2017-2018


2017 - 2018 TGIF Social Schedule

2017 GNCH MSA Christmas Luncheon - GNCH Physicians' Lounge 
Friday, December 8, 2017 GNH Physicians Lounge Rm. 1617 11:30 - 1430 hrs.

2018 Annual GNCH MSA Spring Banquet - 
Friday, May 25, 2018 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
1800 hrs - 2200 hrs

MSA News

November 2017 - GNCH Medical Staff Association Annual Christmas Luncheon to be held Friday, December 8th, 2017.

August 2017 - Welcome the new GNCH Medical Staff Leadership for the 2017 - 2018 year:

Dr. Jennine Wismark - GNCH MSA President
Dr. Pablo Amigo - GNCH Vice President
Dr. Sandra Baydock - GNCH Treasurer

December 2016 - Christmas Message

November 2016 - GNCH Medical Staff Association Annual Christmas Luncheon to be held Friday, December 9th, 2016. 

June 2016 - Winners of MSA year-end draws
Jasper Package - Dr. John Bradley
Office Staff Pizza Party - Dr. Robert Grynoch
Fruit Basket - Dr. Collin MacDonald

April 2016 - GNCH Excellence in Teaching Award - Call for Nominations.  Nomination Form

GNCH Medical Staff Association 2016 Spring Banquet to be held Thursday, June 2, 2016. 

January 2016 - Clinical Physician Workshop to be held Saturday, March 12, 2016

December 2015 - Christmas Message

June 2015 - New GNCH MSA Treasurer 
Dr. Robin Fainsinger is happy to announce our new GNCH Treasurer (Dr. Pablo Amigo) please welcome him to this new role.

June 2015 - Winners of MSA year-end draws
Jasper Package - Dr. Shelley Duggan
Office Staff Pizza Party - Dr. Sarah Burton-MacLeod
Fruit Basket - Dr. Mike Demas

June 2015 - Designated on-call discipline-specific parking 
Designated on-call discipline-specific parking spots have been marked just outside of our Emergency Department.

July 2015 - Welcome the new GNCH Medical Staff Leadership for the 2015 - 2016 year:

Dr. Mike Chatenay - GNCH MSA President
Dr. Jeannine Wismark - GNCH Vice President
Dr. Pablo Amigo - GNCH Treasurer

MSA Resident/Student of the Year Awards

Resident/Student of the Year Awards

The Resident/Student of the Year Awards are selected by preceptors who have had residents and students in their programs throughout the year.

2016-2017 Recipients
Addiction & Mental Health Dr. Michael Wlasichuk - Resident
Mr. Brodie Lipon - Student
Anesthesia Dr. Harrison Moore - Resident 
Cardiac Sciences Dr. Austin Ho - Resident
Ms. Alexandra Curry - Student 

Child Health - Pediatrics 

Child Health - NICU

Dr. Breanne Eksteen - Resident

Dr. Moses Abobo - Resident 

Emergency Medicine Dr. Melissa Hwang - Resident
Ms. Epsita Shome - Student

Family Health

Family Health - PCHT

Dr. Jennifer Olsen - Resident

Dr. Angeline De Cicco - Resident

Geriatrics Dr. Jordan Leung - Resident
Ms. Kristen Sjonnesen - Student
Laboratory Medicine Dr. Jeff Tompkins - Resident


Medicine - Infectious Disease

Dr. Joanne Tseng - Resident
Dr. Sarah Frehlich - Resident

Dr. Alistair Teale - Resident

Palliative Care Dr. Mila Luchak - Resident


Surgery - Vascular

Dr. Jed Scharf - Resident
Mr. Kiernan Purich - Student

Dr. Noah Switzer - Resident

Women's Health Dr. Heather Craig - Resident (T.R. Clarke Award)


2015 - 2016 Recipients
Addiction & Mental Health Dr. Rejish Thomas - Resident
Mr. Jordan Iannuzzi - Student
Anesthesia Dr. Katie Oman - Resident
Dr. Katie Murray - Resident
Cardiac Sciences Dr. Farooq Iqbal - Resident
Mr. Ozair Mohammad - Student
Child Health - NICU Dr. Jillian Popel - Resident
Emergency Medicine Dr. Shalini Reddy - Resident
Ms. Kristen Hui - Student
Family Health  Dr. Hilary Kornder - Resident
Geriatrics Dr. Jeff Jamieson - Resident
Mr. Michael Amatto - Student
Laboratory Medicine Dr. Erin Chapman - Resident

Medicine - GIM

Medicine - Infectious Disease

Dr. Caitlyn Collins - Resident
Mr. Jesse Hill - Student

Dr. Justin Chen - Resident

Palliative Care  Dr. Bradley Martin - Resident

Surgery - General

Surgery - Vascular

Dr. Mackenzie Lees - Resident
Mr. Ryan Chrenek - Student

Mr. Andre Isaac - Student

Women's Health Dr. M. Brad Sullivan - Resident (T.R. Clarke Award)
Dr. Shawna Jensen - Resident
Ms. Ying Ling - Student


2014-2015  Recipients
Addiction & Mental Health Dr. Tina O'Donnell - Resident
Ms Lucy Ma- Student
Anesthesia Dr. Matt Primrose- Resident

Cardiac Sciences Dr. Graeme Harding - Resident
Ms Akua Gyambibi - Student
Child Health -  NICU Dr. Ernst Hoppenbrouwers -  Resident
Emergency Medicine n/a
Family Health
Family Health (PCHT)
Dr. Jacques de Jager- Resident
Dr. Peter Chung - Resident 
Geriatrics Dr. Karen Leung - Resident
Ms Kailey Buller- Student
Laboratory Medicine Dr. Kim Wood - Resident

Medicine - GIM

Medicine - Infectious Disease

Dr. Jace Dergousoff - Resident
Ms Aven Crawshay - Student

Dr. Leah Remington - Resident

Palliative Care  Dr. Jalal Nanji - Resident

 Surgery - General


Surgery - Vascular

Dr. Abdullah Saleh- Resident
Mr. Ryan Allen - Student
Ms Helena Liu - Student

 Dr. Suzana Kupper - Resident
 Mr. Mark Rockley- Student

 Women's Health Dr. Alyissa England - Resident
(T.R. Clarke Award)
Dr. Matt Grossi - Resident
Mr. Daniel Skubleny - Student



2013-2014  Recipients
Addiction & Mental Health Dr. Raheel Syed - Resident
Mr Doug Cheung - Student
Anesthesia  Dr. Jalal Nanji - Resident
 Dr. Logan Lee - Resident

Cardiac Sciences  Dr. Alyssa England - Resident
 Ms. Kailey Winton - Student
Child Health - Pediatrics NICU  Dr. Katharine Kellock -  Resident
Emergency Medicine  Dr. Michael Marino - Resident
 Mr. Justin Steed - Student
Family Health
Family Health (PCHT)
 Dr. Angela Ochs - Resident
 Dr. Trevor Day - Resident 
Geriatrics  Dr. James Huang - Resident
 Mr. Peter Gill - Student
Laboratory Medicine  Dr. Nicole Delaney - Resident
Medicine - GIM

 Dr. Jospeh Senez - Resident
 Dr. Simon Mairs - Resident
 Ms. Dana McIntyre - Student

Palliative Care  Dr. Kaili Hoffart - Resident
 Surgery - General

 Surgery - Vascular
 Dr. Richdeep Gill - Resident
 Dr. Russell Murphy - Resident
 Dr. David Al-Adra - Resident
 Mr. Jace Dergousoff - Student
 Women's Health Dr. Erik Stilling - Resident
(T.R. Clarke Award)
Dr. Matt Grossi - Resident
Ms. Shaina Archer - Student
Ms. Asha Olmstead - Student



MSA Teaching Awards

Excellence in Teaching Awards

Physicians nominate fellow physician(s) for their “Excellence in Teaching” for the site, listed by year.

Year  Recipient
2016-2017 Dr. Sarah Burton-MacLeod
Dr. Curtiss Boyington
2015-2016 Dr. Rahim Janmohamed
2014-2015 Dr. Craig Needham
Dr. Ronald Brown
2013 – 2014  Dr. Richard Hanelt  
2012 - 2013 Dr. Allen Ho
2011 - 2012 Dr. Tom Corbett 
Dr. Robert Kruhlak
Dr. Curtis Ciona
2010 - 2011 Dr. Tom Corbett
Dr. Kal Ansari



Teacher of the Year Award

Students/residents nominate physicians for their “Excellent in Teaching” for this site.

Year  Recipient
2016 - 2017 Dr. Leena Amin
Dr. Sandra Baydock
Dr. Amanda Brisebois
Dr. Curtiss Boyington
2015 - 2016 Dr. Anita Au
Dr. Sandra Baydock
Dr. Curtiss Boyington
Dr. Amanda Brisebois
Dr. Erika Haase
Dr. Jennifer Ringrose

2014 - 2015

Dr. Pat San Agustin
Dr. Robert Chua
Dr. Robert Kruhlak

2013 – 2014 


Dr. Martin Baur 
Dr. Jennifer Ringrose
Dr. Robert Grynoch
Dr. Anita Au
Dr. Christina Dolhaniuk
Dr. Clarissa Wittner Smith

2012  - 2013

Dr. Brian Wirzba
Dr. Martin Baur
Dr. Sanjay Sharma

2011 - 2012

No teacher of the year award

2010 - 2011

Dr. John Bradley
Honorable Mention – Dr. Amanda Brisebois



MSA President Alumni

Grey Nuns Community Hospital
Medical Staff Association President Alumni by Term

We would like to thank and recognize previous presidents that, over the years, have contribnuted great service to the association and its members.

Dr. Michael Chatenay

Dr. Michael Chatenay

 Dr Fainsinger

Dr. Robin Fainsinger


2011 - 2013
Dr. Shelly Duggan

Dr. Padraic Carr

Rob Kruhlak Photo 0002

Dr. Robert Kruhlak

Drzirk 2005-2007
Dr. Harry Zirk
Drtomcorbett 2003-2005
Dr. Tom Corbett


no picture


Dr. Patrick Pierse


no picture


1999 - 2001
Dr. Carl Blashko


no picture


Dr. Stan Poplawski