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The EZMSA will offer an opportunity for meaningful engagement for practitioners and a strong unified voice. The EZMSA is the formal voice of advocacy for practitioners in the Edmonton Zone. The members include practitioners, medical staff of hospitals, continuing  care facilities, PARA, PCN and Non-PCN based community physicians, community-based specialists, dentists and oral surgeons, clinical scientists and podiatrists amongst others. 

It is paramount that issues concerning practitioners and the patients we serve, particularly those related to access and quality, are heard and receive appropriate attention. 

It is our goal to have all medical staff in the zone join and participate in the activities of this Medical Staff Association. 

Without our presence, the voice of busy clinicians working daily to provide world class care may not be heard. 

EZMSA Contact:  

Phone:  780.735.2924    Email     Fax:  780.735.9091 

EZMSA Brochure - (View Here) (pdf)



  • To represent the interests of all Members practicing within the Zone in relation to any health system-related issue, and to advocate for, and on behalf of such Members. 
  • To participate in collaborative discussions on practitioner and health system-related issues through consultative mechanisms like the Zonal Advisory Forum, AHS StrategicCommittees, AMA Council of Zonal Leads. 
  • To organize and select members on EZMSA Executive, Council and Zone Advisory Forum. 
  • To appoint members to AHS Medical Staff Bylaws mandated committees. 
  • To provide input into Zonal/Local Practitioner workforce planning. 
  • To organize elections for EZMSA Representatives on AMA Rep Forum.

Map of Coverage Area

Ezmsa Map

Council & Zone Advisory Initiatives

  1. Physician Assisted Death
  2. Lab/Pathology Model
  3. Wireless Connectivity: CH/AHS
  4. Mental Health Issues/Services
  5. Physician Engagement Initiative
  6. Ongoing operation of the current ACC programs from a funding, sponsorship and provider perspective.
  7. Indigenous Health & System transformation

Executive and Council Members

2017 EZMSA Executive

Dr Randy NaikerDr. Randy Naiker – President | Ph. 780-084-1131




Dr Richard BergstromDr. Richard Bergstrom – Editor




Dr. Shelley Duggan – Past President | Ph. 780-735-2924
Dr. Ernie Schuster – Vice President | Ph 780-735-2585
Dr. Michael Jacka – Secretary/Treasurer | Ph: 780-907-6097
Dr. Marjan Abbasi – Member at Large
Dr. Matthew Tennant – Member at Large

2017 EZMSA Council Members

Dr. Randy Naiker - MCH | Ph: 780.484.7574 
Dr. Shelley Duggan - Grey Nuns | Ph: 780.468.3377
Dr. Mike Hokgan - St. Albert & Area | Ph: 780.407.8887
Dr. Christine Kyriakides - Child Health | Ph: 780.455.5437
Dr. Asad Brahim - Community Mental | Ph: 780.342.5355
Dr. Pauline Alaikja - MCH & Villa Caritas | Ph: 780.428.9416
Dr. Gordan Goplen - UAH | Ph: 780.439.4745
Dr. Gurpreet Dulai - Leduc | Ph: 780.986.2712
Dr. Karthikeyan Ganapathy - AHE | Ph: 780.342.5451
Dr. Melanie Currie - Stony Plain & Sprunce Grove | Ph: 780.962.9888
Dr. E Mori-Torres - Glenrose | Ph: 780.421.3925
Dr. Hark Sidhu -  Continuing Care Supportive Living | Ph: 780.735.8800, 780.944.8675
Dr. Michael Chatenay - Grey Nuns | Ph: 780.468.3377
Dr. Christopher Lee - Leduc | Ph: 780.986.2712
Dr. Richard Bergstrom | Ph: 780.407.8861
Dr. Owen Heisler - Sr. VP & CMO CH | Ph: 780.735.9144
Dr. Justin Balko - PCN | Ph: 780-936-9600
Dr. Donna Klay - Devon | Ph: 780.987.3315
Dr. George Wood - Pathology & Lab | Ph: 780.735.2776
Dr Matt Tennant | Ph: 780-448-1801
Dr. Jacek Slatnik - RAH | Ph: 780.735.5935
Dr. Sean Cahill - Strathcona & Sherwood | Ph: 780.464.0123
Dr. Chris Robinson - Oral Max Sx Dentistry | Ph: 780.454.6565

AMA Rep Forum

Dr. Matthew Tennant
Dr. Sean Cahill
Dr. Jonathan Choy
Dr. Katharin Hibbard
Dr. Chris Rudnisky
Dr. Richard Owen
Dr. Parveen Sunner
Dr. Derek Townsend
Dr. Jonathan White
Dr. David G. Williams
Dr. Michael Jacka
Dr. Melanie Currie


Dr. Sameea Qureshi

Events Calendar

Events Calendar

  • 2018 EZMSA Award Nominations - The submission deadline is  Monday, February 19, 2018
  • EZMSA Council meetings: 3rd Thursday of each month
    - 2018 Schedule TBC
  • AGM Meetings: November 16, 2017
  • ZAF Meetings: October 19, 2017
  • GOLF Tournament – Thursday May 31, 2018 – The Links in Spruce Grove
  • Doctors Curling League – starts October 4, 2017 • $100.00 Membership Fee Oct – Sept. 2017

Activities to Date

  • Building Communication with Websites
  • Elect and support AMA Rep Forum Representatives
  • E.L. Pope Award is offered annually to a graduating student for outstanding merit in Medicine, provided that the average of the course in Medicine is 3.3 or more. Recipients are nominated by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. (500.00)
  • Support Doctors Curling and Golf Leagues
  • Edmonton Medical Women’s Club – Community Leadership, Friendship & Support
  • Quality Improvement- Grant emphasis is an integrated process of care between general practitioners and specialists to enhance continuity of care, and/or address needs of vulnerable populations in primary care.


2018-04-19 EZMSA GOLF - Thursday May 31, 2018 - The Links at Spruce Grove

2018-01-29 2018 EZMSA Awards - Call for Nominations

2017-09-25 EZMSA September Newsletter

2017-08-31 Doctors Curling League - Looking for Members

2017-02-03: EZMSA 2017 Annual General Meeting & Awards

2017 02 23 Ezmsa Award Announcement 2017