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Banff Mineral Springs Medical Staff Association

The medical staff in each Covenant Health facility have established a medical staff association to facilitate the engagement and participation of the medical staff in practitioner-related matters, and the fulfilment of the responsibilities and duties of practitioners. The medical staff associations are the representative bodies of Practitioners in matters related to the Covenant Health Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules. The medical staff associations shall be governed by their own constitution. (see Coventant Health Bylaws 2.9 – Facility Medical Staff Association). A medical staff association executive committee is formed from the membership, consisting of hospital physicians including the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

The medical staff association executive strives to represents the best interests of the medical staff association membership. The executive team works to facilitate communication and liaise with the hospital administration to promote positive outcomes. They advocate for physicians through inclusion, leadership development and the promotion of a workplace that values integrity, research, learning, teaching, clinical excellence and the communication of knowledge. They would like to hear your opinions and your ideas for the medical staff association. Please feel free to contact your respective facility's medical staff association executive.


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