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Note:  'Clean' copies of the policies, AND POLICY RESOURCES, are available on the A-Z page


EFFECTIVE JUNE 8, 2018 - memo

Privately Contracted Health Care Professionals - new

Privately Contracted Unregulated Care Providers/Companions - significant content changes (previously titled, "Family Paid Private Duty Care Providers and Companions")

Abuse of Patients, Residents or Clients - changes highlighted

Disclosure of Wrongdoings and Protection of Persons who Disclose Wrongdoings

Ethical Decision-Making Framework - changes highlighted

Financial Assistance to Uninsured Patients - changes highlighted

Continuing Care Policies :

Glycemic Management:  Hypoglycemic and Hyperglycemic Treatment

Move-In (Continuing Care) - changes highlighted

Move-In Checklist - changes highlighted

Move-Out Checklist - changes highlighted     

Transfer of Resident to Acute Care (Continuing Care) - changes highlighted

EFFECTIVE MAY 11, 2018 - memo

Mobile Wireless Devices and Services - significant content changes (previously titled, "Cellular Telephones, Communication Personal Digital Assistants and Pagers)

Full Scope of Practice - changes highlighted

Interpretive Services - minor content change, staff resources added

Oral Care (Continuing Care) - new

Medical Emergency Response Policy - changes highlighted

Medical Emergency Response Procedure - Edmonton Acute only - changes highlighted

EFFECTIVE APRIL 6, 2018 - memo

Bladder Scanning Using Non-Ionizing Radiation (changes highlighted

Continuing Care:

Standardized Assessment, Care Planning & Care Conferences- new

Nutrition and Hydration- new     

Enteral Nutrition- new

Palliative and End of Life Care- new

Dysphagia (Swallowing Disorder) and Eating Concerns- new

Move-Out- changes highlighted

Move-In Agreement form- changes highlighted

EFFECTIVE MARCH 9, 2018 - memo

Glycemic Management Policy - new

Hyperglycemic Procedure:  Management and Treatment - new

Hypoglycemic Procedure:  Management and Treatment - new 

Therapy / Recreational Aid and Toy Cleaning (changes shown)


Compensation for Out of Scope Employees (significant content changes from previous version)