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New/Updated Corporate Policies

Note:  'Clean' copies of the policies are available on the A-Z page


Resident Immunizations:  Influenza and Pneumococcal (changes shown)


Managed Risk Agreement (Continuing Care) (new)

Use of Electronic Monitoring, Recording Devices and Cameras by Patients, Residents and Alternate Decision Makers (new)

Vascular Access Device Quick Reference Protocol (changes shown)

Central Venous Catheter - Blood Collection (changes shown)     

Care and Removal of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC) (changes shown)

Hypodermoclysis (HDC) Administration (changes shown)

Implanted Venous Access Device (IVAD) (changes shown)

Maintenance of IV / Hypodermoclysis Equipment (changes shown)         

Occlusion Management of Central Vascular Access Devices (changes shown)

Care and Removal of Central Vascular Access Devices - Non-Tunnelled (changes shown)

Care of Central Vascular Access Device - Tunnelled (changes shown)

Peripheral IV Catheter (changes shown)    

Workplace Abuse and Harassment (changes shown)

Responding to Requests for Medical Assistance in Dying (changes shown)     


Effective September 1, 2017

Self Administration of Medication (SAM)      

Effective August 18, 2017

Early Induction of Labour

Hand Hygiene (changes shown)

Latex Allergy Precautions - Care of the Patient / Resident (changes shown)

Employment Contract Relationships (date refresh - no content change)

Job Evaluation and Titling Out of Scope Employees (significant content change - read entire document)

Resident Bathing and Safe Water Temperatures (Continuing Care)

Continuing Care corporate policies - New 

NOTE:  related resource documents for the Continuing Care policies are available on the

A-Z policy page

Assistive Equipment (including Technology Aides & Medical/Surgical Supplies)

Move In

Move Out

Nail Care

Pain Management

Staff Training

Transfer of Resident to Acute Care

Effective July 10, 2017

Independent Double Check (IDC)   

Infusion Line and Tubing Verification