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Covenant Health has developed clear and concise corporate and clinical policies and procedures. The purpose of a policy is to set a clear, predetermined and predictable course of action for the organization. The procedure provides the information necessary for individuals who are expected to fulfil the requirements articulated in a subject-specific Covenant Health policy.

Corporate policies are fundamental to the strategic business direction of the organization and the operation of administration areas. Clinical policies are fundamental to the standardization of clinical care and services. The focus of clinical policies is the patient and how they receive care and services. See Corporate Policies & Procedures or Site Based listings.  

Please note: This area is still under constructions on the Medical Staff Portal. Not all links are connected yet as they are in the process of systematically being ported over from an intranet legacy website by the Policy & Procedure Coordinator. See the full listing of site based Covenant Health Policies and procedures on CompassionNet (Network Access Required).  (Access Network Now)

For more information on Covenant Health policies, call the Policy & Procedure Coordinator at 780.735.9332 or email