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Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) Learning Pathway

The goals of the Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC)

PFCC Learning Huddle Material

Learning Huddle Material has been developed by the PFCC Resource Team to facilitate local discussion and learning about PFCC. Each Huddle Discussion Guide briefly presents the topic, provides some discussion points and a link for further resources on the topic. These materials are to be used in the way most useful to your needs and settings. They can be used for self learning, in “Friday Files” or other electronic communication with staff, in team meetings or as posters. The following is a list of topics included in the material. Please click on them to access each topic or click here for the whole package

PFCC Tools

- Key Drivers of Positive Experience Poster

- Program Based PFCC Worksheet

- Client-centred Care Accreditation Standards

- Client Experience Guide: Accreditation Canada Qmentum

- Client- and Family- centred Care: Accreditation Canada Qmentum

- Client Experience Requirement FAQ: Accreditation Canada


What Is Patient and Family Centred Care?  

The Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Quality Improvement video:

Speak up for Patient Safety

Building Patient & Family Centred Partnerships

The Leader's Role in Patient Experience

Do You Understand? Communicating with Limited and Non-English Patients