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Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) Learning Pathway

What matters to you day - June 6, 2018

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Publication: A guide to having conversations about what matters

Webinar: Conversations That Matter: Tools for Providers, Patients, and Families. BC Patient Safety & Quality Council (BCHQC) and Patient Voices Network. 

Resources for Relationship-Centred Care

What Is Patient and Family Centred Care?

The Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Quality Improvement Video

Do You Understand? Communicating with Limited and Non-English Patients

Relationship-Centred Care Practices and Initiatives Inventory

General information about the inventory

The inventory information has been placed in a dynamic table. This table is intended to provide a centralized point of reference for Relationship-centred care initiatives and practices within Covenant Health. The domains of activity reflect evidence based principles of positive care experiences and strategic organizational priorities.

The domains are as follows:

  • Enhancement of Dignity and Respect in care experience
  • Improved Information Sharing
  • Facilitating  Participation of patients, residents and family members
  • Collaboration and partnership with those we serve to enhance care
  • Service co-ordination or  Innovation
  • Patient, resident and Comfort & Safety

Activity is assigned to the domain of experience that the initiative or practice is most related to. Search tip: You can search by initiative name, domain category, site or contact person. Click here to access the table.

Please click here to  submit your initiative or practice. If you have additional questions, please contact Patient Relations at 780.735.7494