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Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) Learning Pathway

“What Matters To You Day” on June 6, 2017

“What Matters to You Day” is about encouraging meaningful conversations between care providers, patients/residents and families. When a health care provider asks the simple question of “What Matters To You?,” it can be the start of a powerful conversation that will help build trust, develop empathy and increase understanding of the person as well as the patient/resident. Ultimately, it improves the quality of care provided.

On this day, and every day:
- Ask what matters.
- Listen to What Matters.
- Do What Matters.

How Can I Participate?
On June 6, 2017, have a conversation. Ask your patients or clients “What matters to you?”

Please share your feedback or experience via the following link.
We really want to hear about how this approach impacted your interactions.

To get you started, there are downloadable posters, pocket cards and a great YouTube video to support your conversations. (poster, video and card resources courtesy of BC Patient Safety & Quality Council)

Relationship-Centred Care Resources links:
To download and print

Patient/Resident conversation starter cards
Provider starter cards
Poster link


Video links: 

"What Matters to You?" Day - 6 June 2017

WIHI - Realizing “What Matters” (to Patients and Families)  


PFCC Tools

- Key Drivers of Positive Experience Poster

- Program Based PFCC Worksheet

- Client-centred Care Accreditation Standards

- Client Experience Guide: Accreditation Canada Qmentum

- Client- and Family- centred Care: Accreditation Canada Qmentum

- Client Experience Requirement FAQ: Accreditation Canada


What Is Patient and Family Centred Care? 

The Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Quality Improvement video:

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