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Patient Relations & Public Feedback

Public feedback is a valuable source of information used to improve the care of patients and residents, and the health care system.  Feedback can take the form of compliments, questions, and concerns.  Patient Relations supports communication and collaboration between health care providers and those who receive health care services, with a focus on furthering the Covenant Health mission of restoring and healing relationships.

The Patient Relations Department provides guidance to ensure that Covenant Health has the structures in place to meet the organization's legislated obligations under the 2006 Alberta Patient Concern Resolution Process Regulation.

The process for resolving concerns is guided by a provincial framework developed in 2007 by the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA).  Concerns brought forward are to be managed in a fair, timely, and consistent manner. Recourse is available to those who feel that their concerns were not dealt with fairly. All those offering services within Covenant Health facilities (i.e. staff, physicians, volunteers) have a duty to respond to public feedback.

Patient Relations is available to support your work by:

  • Receiving compliments and concerns directly from patients, residents, families, visitors, and the public
  • Sharing information and ideas with you when you receive concerns
  • Leading and/or facilitating reviews of concerns
  • Tracking and reporting feedback

Any of us may encounter an upset patient, resident, family member, or member of the public. By remembering some basic strategies about patient, resident and health care team interactions, you can help to develop collaborative relationships. Most concerns are effectively dealt with at the first point of contact; however, when concerns are not easily resolved, Patient Relations is a resource available to support you.