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With influenza, best efforts at preventing it from entering the doors of our facilities can fail.  Healthcare workers have the potential for acquiring and transmitting influenza to those under their care if the virus is present in the community. With the number of cases rising, we need to be vigilant in our surveillance of all patients presenting with ILI to ensure we limit exposure and risk throughout the facility.

The Influenza Immunization and Outbreak Protocol provides detailed information such as roles, exposure, and what health care workers work assignments must be during an influenza outbreak. The following OHS materials support our collaborative work to reduce the impact of influenza on patients and staff, and shorten the duration of outbreaks.


2372 Policy

The following policy was developed to assist in minimizing transmission of the influenza virus in the workplace with the provision of occupational protection to employees and thus preventing possible transmission to patient and resident populations which we serve. 

Occupational Health & Safety Influenza Immunization and Outbreak Management Policy



As an adjunt to the policy, the procedure for Influenza Immunization and Outbreak protocol was developed.  This document was last updated December 2016. 

Occupational Health & Safety Influenza Outbreak Management Protocol


2373 Internal Resources

Through the collaboration of OHS, Infection Prevention and Control, Pharmacy, HR, Program Managers and Clinical Educators in both Edmonton Acute and also Edmonton Seniors Care, the following tools were developed as resources during Influenza Outbreaks.  OHS role during Influenza Outbreak has been depicted within these working documents.

Edmonton Acute Care

Guidelines for Influenza Outbreak Management Edmonton Acute Care - Updated December 2016!

Edmonton Seniors

Guidelines for Influenza Outbreak Management - Updated December 2016!

For All Sites

Health Care Worker Exposure Template

For use when providing OHS with lists of employees, volunteers, physicians, and contract workers exposed during an Influenza Outbreak. Key fields to populate are listed on the form. Please include  ALL Health Care Worker potentially exposed or who enter the unit, including support workers and allied health professionals.

  • Click on link above to open the template in EXCEL
  • Enter File - Save as and Name the file with site, department, unit and date
  • Populate the spreadsheet and SAVE
  • Send to OHS site OHN by email.  (Confirm phone contact has first been made to ensure the site OHN is awaiting the information)

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2374 External Resources

Alberta Health Influenza Notifiable Disease Guidelines

Guidelines for Outbreak Prevention, Control and Management in Acute Care and Facility Living Sites

Guidelines for Outbreak Prevention, Control and Management in Supportive Living and Home Living Sites