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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) has developed training courses for all employees. The courses are available on CLiC.

Education Snippets

Please use these as required for staff awareness and how to complete.

In-person Sessions

In-person session are available for:

  • OHS Awareness for Workers

  • OHS Awareness for Leaders

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OHS courses on CLiC

Workplace Abuse & Harassment

Covenant Health is committed to supporting an abuse and harassment free work environment.  The Workplace Abuse and Harassment course educates on how to recognize the signs of abuse or harassment and how to handle those difficult situations. This course is intended for all employees.

bE LITE - Safe Ergonomics System

This is course is for employees who have a computer workstation. The course has two components; training and self assessment. To access this course, a user name and password must be generated by OHS,  click here for more information.

JWHS Roles and Responsibilities

The Joint Worksite Health & Safety (JWHS) Roles and Responsibilities was developed for all employees. The training inclues the Roles and Responsibilities of the JWHS committee, member roles, and the Obligations of the Employer and the Worker.

OHS Awareness for Leaders

This course has been developed for Directors, Managers and Supervisors. The training includes four key areas of occupational health and safety; OH&S Roles/Responsibilities, Incident Investigation, Workplace Inspections; and Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control.

Supplementary First Aid Information

Supplementary first aid information is available for LPNs, RNs, and Psych RNs who have been designated first aiders. The course is only accessible by these disciplines and is only required for those that have been designated first aiders.


This course was developed for all employees. The course includes; Controlled Product Supplier Responsibilities, Employer Responsibilities, Worker Responsibilities, Labels (Supplier & Workplace), and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

OHS Awareness for Workers

This course has been developed from the perspective of front line workers.The training includes four key areas of occupational health and safety; OH&S Roles/Responsibilities for Workers, Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control, Workplace Inspection, and Workplace Incident Reporting.

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Toll Free: 1.855.342.8070

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