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Needle Sticks, Blood & Body Fluid Exposures

Occupational Health services are provided by our Covenant Health Occupational Health Nurses in consultation with physicians specializing in Infectious Diseases and Occupational Health.

Occupational Health services are available to any Covenant Health staff, physicians or volunteers.We operate on an appointment-based system and our clients can be referred to us by their managers, or can be self-referred.

Some of the programs and/or services Occupational Health offers can be found below.

Influenza Outbreak Management

Healthcare workers have the potential for acquiring and transmitting influenza to those under their care if the virus is present in the community. The Influenza Immunization and Outbreak Protocol provides detailed information such as roles, exposure, and what health care workers work assignments must be during an influenza outbreak.

Influenza Immunization and Outbreak Protocol
Influenza Outbreak Toolkit

Health Care Worker Influenza Immunization

Each year during the months when maximum benefit is provided by the influenza immunization, all Covenant Health sites participate in a major immunization initiative.  Immunization clinics are accessible to all healthcare workers and include on-site clinics, mobile clinics and roving carts.  Aligned with provinical vaccine availablity, the campaign typically starts mid-October and ends mid-November.

 Go to Influenza Prevention for more information.

Immunization Program

This program was developed to identify and address the potential hazard for healthcare workers (HCW) of vaccine preventable communicable disease transmission in health care settings.

Blood and Bodily Fluid Exposure

If you experience a needlestick injury or splash involving contact with patient Blood or Body Fluids (BBF), please, IMMEDIATELY:

1) Report the incident to your Manager/Charge Nurse/Designate and obtain First Aid,
2) Call BBFE Reporting Line at 780-342-8070 (Toll Free 855-342-8070 ), Press "1",
3) Access and PRINT the BBFE ToolKit for either Edmonton or locations outside of Edmonton (links at right and below)

Follow the links below to further information on procedures for your site
Sites in Edmonton
Sites outside of Edmonton

Communicable Disease Response

Occupational Health Nurses work closely with Infection Prevention and Control, Public Health, managers, supervisors and employees in response to all communicable disease exposures.

Sick Leave Follow Up

Managers and employees are encouraged to call (Edmonton) 780.342.8070 or (Toll Free) 1.855.342.8070 to schedule an appointment to request follow-up on sick leave. Employees may choose to seek Occupational Health Nursing assistance due to a medical concern that is causing him/her to use sick leave. 

No information is passed to management unless a health issue is identified which impacts the staff member's fitness to work. Another example of sick leave follow-up is if a staff member has been off work in excess of fourteen (14) calendar days he/she is expected to provide medical information to the Occupational Health Nurse regarding any ongoing medical condition and/or fitness to return to work including any restrictions which need to be addressed.

A manager may ask an employee to provide medical information to Occupational Health more frequently in certain circumstances.

Smoking Cessation

Covenant Health is committed to providing staff, physicians, volunteers, students and those we serve with a tobacco-free environment. The Covenant Health Smoking Policy i-40, outlines our strategy to comply with tobacco-related legislation to provide a tobacco free environment for staff, patients/residents and visitors

Tobacco use is a leading cause of preventable death and disability. As such, Covenant Health strives to positively influence the health of Albertans by providing a tobacco-free environment and promoting smoking cessation. Quitting smoking reduces your own personal harm and protects others around you from tobacco smoke.

If you are ready to quit or would like more information, we have resources and services in place to help you. Visit the OHS&W Resources Page.

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Shawna Nelson
Manager, Employee Health and Ability Management

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Blood and Body Fluid Exposure (BBFE) ToolKits

BBFE ToolKit - Edmonton
BBFE ToolKit - Outside Edmonton