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In the fall of 2013, key Covenant Health stakeholders met to review their experience and reflectionson contracting out services from the perspective of our mission and values. Their goal was to discernan organizational position on outsourcing that fully aligns with our identity, and which would support opportunities to further the ministry of Catholic health care. While the opening statement from the Health Ethics Guide provides a general set of principles to prompt reflection, it was determined a more comprehensive framework was required to inform and guide business practices and accountabilities for outsourcing at Covenant Health.

This framework is intended to be used as part of the business case and due diligence process when contemplating options to outsource services. It should also be applied when selecting proponents,and afterwards, in monitoring their compliance to quality, safety and other established expectations set by Covenant Health, in alignment with our mission and values. Rigorous application of the framework is necessary to ensure an ethically defensible, reasonable and consistent approach to outsourcing for which our organization aspires to be known.

Covenant Health leaders will be expected to apply the framework to outsourcing business planning for which they are accountable. By setting clear expectations with both contract providers and Covenant Health leaders, we uphold our commitment in providing the highest quality care to the residents and patients we serve, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of such business practices.

We wish to acknowledge the Covenant Health stakeholders whose thoughtful reflections and practical considerations resulted in this framework document, as well as colleagues at Business Initiatives & Support Services. Through their invaluable and independent feedback they helped validate many of the principles contained in the Covenant Health framework.

Read the full Outsourcing Services Framework.