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Mission Discernment Tool

"The heart of discernment is listening to the voice of the Spirit."

The Covenant Health Mission Discernment Tool supports Covenant Health leaders making good decisions about major clinical, operational, and administrative issues, in alignment with our mission and values. Accreditation Canada recognizes Covenant Health’s Mission Discernment Tool.

The Mission Discernment, in its entirety, provides context, triggers, the discernment process, and key questions. The Mission Discernment template allows leaders to type answers into a PDF document as they go through the discernment process.

Mission Discernment Case Studies

Case Study 1

Financial Assistance to the Uninsured - Case Study
Related Link: Covenant Health’s policy, Financial Assistance to Uninsured Patients, IV-10

Case Study 2

Recruitment of Internationally Educated Health Care Workers - Case Study
Related Link: Ethical and Theological Considerations Regarding Recruitment of Foreign Health Care Workers (see, in particular pages 15-23)  

Case Study 3

Discharge Planning Challenges Among the Homeless - Case study
Reference: Health Ethics Guide: Article 30 & Article 43. Catholic Health Association of Canada. 2000

Case Study 4

Patient Requests for Specific Health Care Providers- Case Study
Related Link: Covenant Health’s policy, Patient Request for Specific Health Care Provider, VII-B-30  

Case Study 5

Accommodating Special Requests (VIP Treatment) - Case Study
Related Link: Covenant Health’s policy, Accommodating Special Requests, VII-B-5

Case Study 6

Gift-giving practices - Case Study
Related Link: Covenant Health’s policy, Relationships with Industry, III-20