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Just Workplace Framework

Covenant Health’s Just Workplace Framework articulates how our mission, values and ethical commitments support the transformation of care and service delivery, to ensure both an economically viable and just workplace, all oriented to the people in our care and the fulfillment of our strategic directions. This framework is not intended to debate the merits of unionized versus non-unionized workplaces, or to redefine our Labour-Relations Strategy. As the quote from Pope John XXIII above attests, there are many ways to ensure a just workplace, and thus this framework is intended to define the set of principles and the parameters that will help inform our redesign work and innovation.

For example, while Catholic Social Teaching (CST) affirms the right of workers to associate, it also acknowledges unions are not the only model whereby staff can be represented. What fidelity to CST does require, however, is a commitment to justice and fairness in how workers are treated,compensated, and encouraged to participate in decisions that directly impact them through open, respectful, and timely communication. In turn, workers have a mutual responsibility to support and promote the viability of the organization. This shared commitment is already assumed in Covenant Health’s values of respect, integrity, collaboration and social justice.

The Just Workplace Framework further articulates how our core values and ethical traditions can actually be applied to support our redesign of continuing care services and other new businesses.

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