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Covenant Health is committed to providing quality health-care services to all patients and residents. This requires reasonable attempts to overcome language barriers through the use of language interpretative services for patients, residents and families who do not speak English, or have limited English proficiency. Interpretive services are available when patients, residents or family members request such services, or when health-care providers determine that such services are required.

Interpretive Services provides face-to-face interpretive services, conference call, message relay, reminder call, and document translation for Covenant Health's health-care professionals, patients, residents and families.

How Do I Book an Interpreter?

If you have an immediate need, you can book an interpreter by calling Interpretive Services at 780.735.9000 . Or you can pre-book for a scheduled appointment by filling out the booking form for Centralized Interpreter Services (Edmonton only) and faxing it to 780.426.4918 .

You can also book an interpreter through Precision Language Services by filling out the interpreter request form and emailing it to

If you need an American Sign Language interpreter you can contact Deaf & Hear Alberta toll free at (866) 471.2805 (ext. 2) or email

Who Provides Translation?

Covenant Health has contracts with Language Line, Precision Language Services, Deaf & Hear Alberta and Centralized Interpreter Services (Edmonton) to provide interpretation/translation for scheduled appointments and when an emergent situation arises.

What Languages are Available?

There are over 170 languages available, including Aboriginal and Inuit languages, and American Sign Language.

How Much Does It Cost?

Services are provided at no cost to Covenant Health patients and residents but may be limited based on availability of interpreters and the emergent situations.

Questions/Contact Information

To access Covenant Health Language Interpretive Services program:

  • Call for Interpretive Services at 780.735.9000 .
  • Fax your booking form for pre-book appointment to CIS at  780.426.4918 .
  • Email your booking form for Precision Language to
  • Call for Sign Language interpreter at (866) 471.2805 (ext. 2) or email


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