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AHS IT teams provide the technical expertise and support for computers, computerization, electronic communications, software, security and information systems to improve the patient care processes and the operation and management of the organization.

Email & Network Access

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General IT Contacts (AHS)

You can also find IT Service Desk contact information in the Global Address List in Outlook by searching for "Service Desk."

Edmonton Zone    
Phone: 780.735.4357

Calgary Zone   
Phone: 403.310.3111
Toll-free: 866.513.3671

Central Zone  
Phone: 780.608.2282 (Camrose) 
Phone: 403.343.4815 (Red Deer) 

North Zone                                             
Phone: 780.791.6140 (Fort McMurray/High Level)
Phone: 780.538.7569 (Grande Prairie)
Phone: 866.967.5068 (Westlock)

South Zone

Phone:  403.388.6235

Medicine Hat 
Phone:  403.529.8952


Travelling with Your AHS/COV Mobile Device

To effectively carry out their job, many AHS/COV employees have one of the following AHS issued mobile devices:

  • Flip Phone
  • Smartphone (Blackberry / iPhone)
  • Tablet (iPad)
  • Mobile Aircard (USB Stick or Internal)

When travelling internationally, some employees take their AHS mobile devices with them to keep on top of email and be available for work-related emergencies. However, when traveling internationally, charges may not apply to just email and the calls you make, but also to texting, web browsing and other Internet services.

Without a roaming package, data usage can be quite costly. For example, downloading a PowerPoint presentation to your mobile device could cost over $1000.

In order to minimize those costs, please follow these guidelines.

Is Your AHS Mobile Device Covered When Travelling Internationally?

All AHS staff travelling internationally for work purposes will require a roaming package applied to their device.  Travelling with multiple devices (Smartphone, iPad, aircard, etc.) is not encouraged due to the high cost of international roaming.

To ensure that your mobile device is covered, contact your local IT Service Desk at least two business days prior to your departure and provide the following information:

  • Dates of travel
  • Country / countries you will be visiting
  • Phone number(s) of AHS device(s) you will be taking
  • Name of your device(s) carrier (Telus / Rogers)

The Mobility Services team, will then add a roaming package to your mobile device so it does not incur any unnecessary charges.

The AHS roaming package for smartphones includes:

  • 70 min. of voice calling.
  • 50MB of data.
  • 150 outgoing text messages.
  • Unlimited incoming text messages.

Tips for Use

Despite adding a roaming package, usage can still be very costly. To minimize the cost of device use while roaming, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Use local wi-fi service whenever avaliable to avoid excessive data roaming charges.
  • Keep voice calls short – use local telephones for conference calls whenever possible.
  • Avoid downloading large email attachments.
  • Limit Internet use as much as possible.
  • Do not use video or music streaming services (YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Songza etc.).
  • Avoid the use of smartphone-based navigation software (these services download map and aerial images as you drive).


Telehealth enables the delivery of health-related services and information through telecommunications technologies using one of the largest and best integrated telehealth networks in North America.

Using a multitude of technology solutions for clinical, education and administrative services, Telehealth plays a significant role in providing a patient-focused, quality health service that is accessible and sustainable for all Albertans.

Email Telehealth with a general inquiry

Videoconference Technical Assistance Centre (VTAC) Helpline:
310-VTAC (8822) 

Current schedule of telehealth events 

To schedule a telehealth session visit AHS Insite
Insite is an informational website available to all staff who have a current Covenant Health or Alberta Health Services email address and password.

Telehealth Information on AHS Website