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Medical Transcription services provides timely and accurate transcription/editing of clinical reports and distribution, with the main focus being on acute care dictation.  The Dictation, Speech Recognition, Transcription (DST)  platform is province wide at both Covenant Health and Alberta Health Services sites.  The DST system allows for standardized tools and processes for both providers and medical transcriptionists, which provides better turn-around times and improved patient care.  In 2014/15 all Covenant sites transitioned to the Dragon Medical 360 | eScription (Nuance) medical transcription platform, a speech recognition solution designed to fully integrate with the EHR and streamline clinical documentation.

Change to eScription for Edmonton Zone Physicians

Changes to Dictation, Speech Recognition & Transcription Services (DST)

To support the long term vision of Covenant Health and AHS, along with Health Information Management (HIM) for access, quality and sustainability, a change in system, formatting and dictation practices, known as eScription, will be implemented in the Edmonton Zone as it has been across the rest of the province.  Changes at the Grey Nuns, Misericordia Hospital and Villa Caritas will be effective March 31, 2015.

It is important for front line practitioners to be aware of these upcoming changes to the provincial Dictation, Speech Recognition and Transcription Services. This change will affect all our practitioners once the system is implemented.

DST Communication to Medical Staff




If you have questions or to obtain a Speaker Code for physicians, residents and students:

  • Grey Nuns:          780.490.5903 (includes after hours & weekends)  
  • Misericordia:      780.735.2619  (includes after hours & weekends)


For technical assistance (e.g., cannot access dictation system), call the Information Centre Help Desk:  780.735.4357

After Hours Support DST Hotline: 1.844.944.3099


About eScription

What is eScription?

  • Speech recognition solution designed to streamline documentation
  • Transforms dictations into formatted draft documents that medical transcriptionists (MTs) quickly review and edit
  • Physicians can electronically review, edit and sign transcribed reports
  • Able to access the system on-site or remotely

Contacts for eScription/DST

  • Toll-Free Dictation Line:  1.855.648.3117
  • Edmonton Acute Sites dictation line:              22222 

DST Resource Repository








The Dictation Speech Recognition and Transcription (DST) Resource Repository holds all resource material required for physician dictation.    

This link contains all the information you need to dictate your reports and sign them using eSignature.  Please review the contents and become familiar with the tools that will help you transition to the new system. Two easy to follow elearning modules are contained within and all physicians are encouraged to take these prior to using the new system.

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Tip Sheets


eScription LEARNING Module

eLearning Module – Introduction to eScription

This introduction to the system learning  module is designed to be completed in approximately 10 minutes. visit the module now. 

How Do I get a Speaker Code?

If you have questions or to obtain a Speaker Code for physicians, residents and students:

Call the  DST SUPPORT HOTLINE - 1-844-944-3099


  • Grey Nuns:         780.490.5903 (includes after hours & weekends) 
  • Misericordia:      780.735.2619  (includes after hours & weekends)
  • All other Facilities:  Please contact the appropriate  Supervisor or HIM Site Lead  at your site.

Dictation Guidelines