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Ethics at Covenant Health

What is Ethics?

  • What is the best thing to do?
  • What would cause the least harm?
  • What is my duty?

Ethics is a way of life...

Each day, we make important personal, clinical, and organizational decisions that have ethical implications. 

Sometimes it's difficult to know what's best.  We have an ethics team which helps to identify and analyze ethical issues. We help individuals, teams, patients, and families through the decision-making process and help to identify options.

Committment to Ethical Integrity

 Our Commitment to Ethical Integrity is our code of conduct. It sets the standard and reinforces that as members of the Covenant Health team, we are each

  • Accountable to uphold these standards of behaviour &
  • Create the ethical culture by which our organization will be widely known.

Creating our Covenant Health culture begins with the Board of Directors policy outlining their commitment to ethical integrity. The Board’s commitment is our commitment. The expectation of the Board as instituted in this statement applies to all who work, practice, or volunteer, in Covenant Health facilities.

The commitment made by the Covenant Health Board, in setting the highest standards of ethical conduct, and abiding by and modelling those standards in everything they do, belongs in turn to each of us.

Download the full text of Our Commitment to Ethical Integrity.

The text for Our Commitment to Ethical Integrity has also been translated into 6 languages that can be located on the Interpretive Services - Translated Documents page. 

Please visit our Ethics Centre website for Ethics information and resources.

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