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Diversity and Inclusiveness Survey Results and Video

In the spring of 2016, Scott Baerg, Senior Operating Officer, Mental Health and Seniors Care, Edmonton, served on an Action Learning Project (ALP) team within the Executive Education Program.  Together with Alberta Health Services colleagues, Scott’s team created the Diversity and Inclusiveness Survey to provide a snapshot of psychological and emotional safety experienced by staff and physicians. This survey results provides Covenant Health with a baseline that will help us measure progress as we launch various initiatives to improve diversity and inclusiveness in support of Our People and Culture Strategy

The Covenant Health response rate was remarkable, with 928 individuals completing the survey, including 275 additional written comments identifying strengths and opportunities to improve diversity and inclusion practices in our organization.  The richness of this feedback will help inform our strategy going forward.

The Action Learning Project also developed a video on diversity and inclusion principles, attitudes, and behaviours that reinforce Covenant Health’s value of respect for all those we serve, and work together with.

Please review survey results here.

Diversity & Inclusion - Covenant Health from Covenant Health on Vimeo.

Through Scott’s leadership, and that of his team in Seniors Health and Mental Health, demonstrates how we can all make a positive difference in deepening our commitment to diversity and inclusion in Covenant Health, and helping to fulfill Our People and Culture Strategy.

Karen Galenzoski, Vice President, Human Resources, and Chief Human Resources Officer
Gordon Self, Vice President, Mission, Ethics and Spirituality

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

We are pleased to present Covenant Health’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. Consistent with our mission and values to serve peoples of all faith, cultures, and circumstances, the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy is intended to deepen this commitment, and through practical initiatives and deliverables,  honour the increasing diversity of populations we serve, and work with. This commitment in providing service to all is a hallmark of Catholic health care.

The launch of our Interpretive Service program a few years ago, as well as our ongoing work in translating commonly used patient education materials to support a safe, quality care experience for all are important first steps in being widely recognized as an inclusive organization.  Still, more work is necessary given the changing demographics within Alberta.

The Diversity and Inclusion Strategy details some of the key outcomes and deliverables to continually deepen this commitment in response to the diversity within our internal and external communities.  We invite your feedback and participation as this important work unfolds. Together, we have one mission, and many faces.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy: One Mission, Many Faces



Translated Documents

Frequently used documents translated into languages such as French, Vietnamese, Chinese, Punjabi, Hindi and more.

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Overcome language barriers with the use of interpretive services.  Available to all patients, residents and families.