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Covenant Cuisine is a ‘made to order’ meal service. It will go live at the Misericordia Community Hospital (MCH) with breakfast on May 7, 2018.

Food and good nutrition are an important part of a patient’s recovery journey. Covenant Cuisine puts patients at the centre of their food choices by giving each patient a personal menu compliant with their diet and the ability to choose a fresh, healthy meal and dining time. Because patients will have more say about when and what they eat, we believe they will eat more of what’s on their plates. This will improve their nutritional intake and reduce food waste.

Food Service Ambassadors will complete an initial assessment of each patient to determine their meal service category during their working hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Patients are provided with a menu based on their diet order. The call centre (diet office) or food service ambassador will take orders directly from the patient. The kitchen will prepare the meal immediately and deliver to the patient within 45 minutes.

The shift to a made to order meal service model reflects our culture of innovation, patient-centred care and stewardship of resources. The MCH will be the first hospital in Alberta and the sixth in Canada with the made to order meal service.


Covenant Cuisine Update - April 25

Covenant Cuisine Update - April 18

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Covenant Cuisine Memo - Service Elevators

Covenant Cuisine Memo


These resources were shared at the MCH Meal Service Education and Information Session. Attendees included Medicine, Surgery and Women’s Health Program Managers, Unit Managers and Clinical Nurse Educators. The session provided an overview of the project, key messages and details about the changes to your areas.

Covenant Cuisine Education and Information Session - PowerPoint

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