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Covenant Health Strategic Plan

Living our Potential

We are a bolder and stronger organization than we were when we came together in 2008. Our vision must reflect our potential. And what we choose to do in serving those in our care must get us there.

Our mission is unwavering, our values are solid and our vision is courageous--they are the foundation of our organization. Our strategic directions are the roadmap that will take us to the next five years and beyond—they will tell us how to focus our energies and decide which opportunities to take. How we live our mission and achieve our vision is a joint effort--it requires every single one of us in the organization to be looking ahead, learning from the past and working together.

Our vision and strategic framework came from you. We knew we needed a change and so we talked with the people who make up the Covenant Health community--staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, residents, families, funders and partners. What we asked is this: what is our potential? What we heard back is reflected in our new strategic plan. It is strong. It is bold. It is confident.

We plan to transform health care. We plan to create vibrant communities of health and healing. To get there, we must guide, support and challenge each other to live our potential.

Strategic Framework

Covenant Health Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan Summary Booklet

People and Culture Strategy

We will attract, engage, develop and retain mission driven employees, physicians and volunteers and support them in discovering and deepening their own calling.

People and Culture Strategy.pdf

Quality Strategy

We will provide excellence in care and service by exceeding performance expectations in quality and safety.

Quality Strategy.pdf

Resources Strategy

We will utilize and enhance our information, infrastructure and financial resources to their fullest capacity.

Resources Strategy.pdf

Acute Care Optimization and Expansion Strategy

We will expand our service and capacity in acute care to respond to a growing population and changing demographics; and

We will design, implement, and share high performing systems of care and service based on integration, innovation and evidence.

Acute Care Optimization and Expansion Strategy.pdf

Addiction & Mental Health Strategy

We will expand our capacity to care for seniors and those with addiction and mental illness.

We will create opportunities to enable those with addition and mental illness to live and participate in community with dignity and hope.

Addiction and Mental Health Strategy.pdf

Integrated Community Care Expansion Strategy

We will expand into community care to address gaps in service delivery.

Integrated Community Care Expansion Strategy.pdf

Care that Honours Seniors Strategy

We will expand our capacity to care for seniors and those with addiction and mental illness.

We will enable seniors to live to the fullest of their capacity as active and connected members of their communities.

Care That Honours Seniors Strategy.pdf

Palliative & End of Life Care Strategy

We will be leaders in robust palliative and end of life care and advocate for it as an essential part of the health system.

Palliative and End of Life Care Strategy.pdf

Advocacy Strategy

We will give voice to those who are vulnerable or voiceless through public engagement and advocacy. 

We will deepen the understanding of the strategic contribution of Catholic health care in Alberta and across Canada. 


Partnerships Strategy

We will partner with patients, residents, families, communities and key contributors to achieve health and healing. 

Partnerships Strategy.pdf

National Catholic Health Leadership Strategy

We will leverage the legacy and strength of Catholic health care in order to be of better service to Albertans.

National Catholic Health Leadership Strategy.pdf 

Tracking our Progress

Beginning in early 2016, and at least four times a year, we will share what is happening in the organization that is helping us achieve our vision. And we invite you to tell us how what you think is moving us towards our vision--what is your team doing? What do you see happening at your site? What is the impact of our organization in your community? Share your thoughts and ideas by emailing

Strategic Contribution

Covenant Health makes Alberta’s health care system stronger. Learn more about our contributions in Called to Serve, Strong Partner

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Johanna Knettig
Director, Strategic Planning and Executive Services