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Covenant Health is part of a larger Covenant family.  As part of the Seniors strategy, Covenant Health recognized a growing need for senior’s services in Alberta and the Government’s need for sustainability and responsive models for serving seniors in their communities.

Covenant Care was established as a sister organization in 2013 with a nimble and flexible service model able to provide innovative models of care that met Alberta’s need.   Covenant Care provides continuing care at 6 facilities in 5 communities, providing a home for 538 seniors—with another 310 suites under construction.

Together, Covenant Health and Covenant Care have over 15,000 staff, physicians and volunteers working in 24 hospitals and seniors care centres in 15 communities across Alberta with a combined budget over $895 million. 

The third member of the family, Covenant Living, advances opportunities for seniors housing and other initiatives that are mission-aligned but not part of government funded programs. It operates on a market model, supporting the Covenant mission.. 

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