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Welcome to the resource page for all things related to social media at Covenant Health!

Social media is a dynamic, exciting communication channel that allows real-time conversations and connections. Covenant Health is helping to build these online channels in health care for all Albertans. Because of the ever-changing nature of social, check this page often for the newest and most up-to-date information to answer your questions.

Where we are

Covenant Health is currently active on the following social media channels:

Facebook – Like our page for updates from our sites, stories from The Vital Beat, healthcare-related updates and news stories, and the Reflection of the Week.

Twitter – Follow us on Twitter for the latest in health care news, stories from around the province, and live event coverage. 

Instagram – If you like the Reflection of the Week, you’re going to love our Instagram account! Follow us here to have the #RoTW appear in your timeline every Friday.

YouTube – Subscribe to our YouTube channel for videos featuring external news and events. 

Vimeo – Subscribe to our Vimeo account for video features that appear in The Vital Beat stories.

LinkedIn – for all information related to Covenant Health and job opportunities, don’t forget to follow Covenant Health on LinkedIn!

Why we are

Social media provides us with a unique opportunity for two-way communication between Covenant Health and those we serve. By being active on some of the major social media platforms, we hope to encourage members of the community to reach out and engage with us on healthcare-related topics and issues. 

Social media also represents an opportunity to create a community within Covenant Health, a place where our stories and successes can live and be celebrated. Social media channels give a piece of the platform back to each of our sites to showcase their amazing events, staff, and achievements. 

How to participate

These channels are as much yours as ours; please sent any ideas for content or posts in to the Social Media Desk! Email with ideas and opportunities.

We invite you to comment, share, and engage with the content posted to any of our official channels. It’s there to enjoy and share with others!

There’s also an opportunity to become a Covenant Health social media influencer. This program was developed to help empower employees on social media and give a larger platform to the stories that emphasize the great work being done across the province within Covenant Health. By acting as a Social Media Influencer, you’re helping to create additional momentum on social channels and representing Covenant Health in the greater online sphere. 

If you would like to learn more about participating in this program, please email the Social Media Desk at 

Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns or if you have content you would like to share on social, please contact the Social Media Desk! 

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