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Hand Hygiene Learning Module

September 29 , 2014

Hand hygiene is the single most effective way to stop the spread of germs. Proper hand hygiene will protect patients/residents and staff and help prevent hospital-acquired infections. As healthcare providers, we each have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our patients and staff/physicians/volunteers by practicing proper hand hygiene. In addition, measuring hand hygiene compliance is an Accreditation Canada Required Organizational Practice. 

Covenant Health’s comprehensive hand hygiene initiatives are designed to inform, educate and monitor hand hygiene among physicians and staff in all our facilities which includes mandatory physician education and hand hygiene audits.

  1. Infection Control has developed a required training course presentation for all incoming phsicians to Covenant Health facilities.
  2. Hand hygiene audits will be performed on a biannual basis by trained auditors to measure and reinforce hand hygiene compliance. Infection control has become a standing agenda item at staff meetings and forums where issues can be discussed and addressed.   

We are committed to supporting physicians and staff in these efforts. 

Hand Hygiene Learning Module for Physicians

 Hand Hygiene Learning Module for Physicians (15 minutes)


  1. Complete the online learning module – Hand Hygiene Learning Module  (15 minutes in length).
  2. Once complete, fill out the  certificate of completion at the end of the presentation. The certificate needs to be sent to Medical Affairs as proof of completion.
  3. Submit this certificate to Medical Affairs as proof of completion by either taking a screen shot and emailing, or scanning and emailing, to, or faxing to 780.735.9921.