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Using RLS

When an adverse event, close call or hazard occurs, it is important to appropriately report the incident as there are both voluntary and mandatory reporting obligations within Covenant Health and with external agencies (eg. Health Canada).  These obligations are outlined in our corporate policy , Responding to Adverse Events, Close Calls and Hazards .

When you submit a report in the online RLS, you are calling attention to safety issues so that they can be addressed.  This valuable information will be used to manage, prioritize, and address system improvements and prevent the event from happening again.

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If you know of any reportable events that are not included in the policy, please email or phone 780.735.2284

List of Known Reportable Events

In addition to adverse events, close calls and hazards, there are many other types of events (eg. equipment malfunction) that need to be reported within Covenant Health and sometimes externally (eg. Health Canada). A table that outlines a list of known reportable events and required notification is included with the policy.

Government of Alberta - Reportable Incident Form
Health Canada – Adverse Drug Reaction Form
Health Canada – Narcotic Controlled Substances Discrepancy Reporting Form