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Below you will find all FRM resources for your respective areas as they become available.
These resources include assessments, process documents and more...

General Resources

Fall Prevention High Risk Medication Reference Table - Datagroup Order # CV-0507

Ask-3 Patient Poster - Datagroup Order # 54939

Ask-3 Resident Poster - Datagroup Order # CV-0573

Ask-3 Lanyard Card - Datagroup Order # CV-0471

Universal Fall Protocol (SAFE) Patient Poster - Datagroup Order # CV-0548

Universal Fall Protocol (SAFE) Resident Poster - Datagroup Order # CV-0549 

Universal Fall Protocol (SAFE) Patient Poster - bE LITE - Datagroup Order # CV-0567 

Universal Fall Protocol (SAFE) Resident Poster - bE LITE - Datagroup Order # CV-0566

"Take Action - Prevent a Fall before it happens" Brochure - Datagroup Order # DE-142

"Anyone Can Fall" Brochure from

Poster: Think Falls - Spring - Datagroup Order # CV-0559 

Poster: Think Falls - Summer - Datagroup Order # CV-0560 

Poster: Think Falls - Fall - Datagroup Order # CV-0561 

Poster: Think Falls - Winter - Datagroup Order # CV-0562

In-patient Adult

Fred's Patient Journey

Adult Inpatient Fall Risk Algorithm

Schmid Fall Risk Assessment tool - Datagroup Order # CV-0504

Schmid Fall Risk Assessment tool - Reference - Datagroup Order # CV-0506

Post-Fall Report - Datagroup Order # CV-0505

Emergency Department Adult (Urban & Rural)

Emergency Department Fall Risk Algorithm

Adult Fall Risk Screen - Rural - Datagroup Order # CV-0530

Post-Fall Report - Datagroup Order # CV-0505

Continuing Care (Supportive Living/ Long-term Care)

Fall Risk Management Algorithm

Scott Fall Risk Screen - Datagroup Order # CV-0525 
(to be convered to an electronic version in Point-Click-Care later this summer)

 Post-Fall Clinical Pathway Document Sheet - Datagroup Order # CV-0526

 Post-Fall Neurovital Signs Sheet - Datagroup Order # CV-0528