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Prohibited Abbreviations, Symbols and Dose Designations

Covenant Health is targeting the communication and education strategy towards high-risk medication abbreviations, symbols and dose designations as defined by the Institute of Safe Medication Practices to improve the effectiveness and coordination of communication among care and service providers.

The abbreviations, symbols and dose designation found on the prohibited abbreviations  "DO NOT USE” list have been reported as being frequently misinterpreted and involved in harmful and/or fatal medication errors. They should never be used when communicating medication information. A poster listing the prohibited abbreviations will be available in every patient care area and pharmacy.

Do Not Use List - Prohibited Abbreviations, Symbols & Dose Designations 

Summer 2017 - SURVEY REPORT ON: The Use of Prohibited Abbreviations, Dose Designations & Symbols (PDF)

Poster - @ Is Only For Email (PDF) 

Poster - Don't Use D/C For Discontinue (PDF)

Poster - Prohibited Abbreviations (PDF)

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Policy - Prohibited Abbreviations, Symbols and Dose Designations Covenant Health Policy (PDF)