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Standardized Medication Concentrations (SMCs)

Medication errors are the largest identified source of preventable hospital medical errors. Parenteral medication errors, in particular, are nearly three times as likely to cause harm or death compared to other errors. Decreasing the number of concentrations and volume options available for the same medication reduces the risk that someone will select, dispense or administer the wrong concentration. Accreditation Canada has included limiting and standardizing medication concentrations as a Major Test of Compliance under the High-Alert Medication Required Organizational Practice (ROP).  Click here to view the Covenant Health Standardized Medication Concentrations (SMC) for Parenteral Administration policy.

SMC - Parenteral Infusion Resources

SMC Fact Sheet

Provincial Adult SMC List

Provincial Adult Infusion Chart - Mixing Instructions 

Adult SMC Pocket Card

Provincial Neonatal SMC List

Provincial Neonatal Infusion Chart - Mixing Instructions

Standardized Medical Concentrations for Parenteral Infusion

SMC - Insulin Resources

Insulin FAQ

Insulin Tubing Diagram

SMC Insulin Checklist

Fact Sheet - Insulin for Nursing Staff

Insulin Case Studies and Quizzes  

Insulin Fact Sheet for Prescribers

Additional Resources

SMC Fact Sheet

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Adult SMC list
Adult SMC list with mixing instructions
Adult SMC Pocket Card


Neonatal SMC list

Neonatal SMC Mixing Directions                  

Other Resources

Ordering Auxiliary Labels for SMCs
SMC Education
FAQ for SMC Parenteral Administration Policy and Procedures