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Pre-printed Medication Order Sets (PMOS)

Pre-Printed Medication Order Sets (PMOS) are standardized, pre-determined, and evidence based prescribing/communication tools that are used by health care professionals to effectively, efficiently, and safely implement best practices.

Covenant Health’s PMOS Policy and Procedure has been implemented to direct health care professionals to follow a standardized process in creating, revising, and maintaining PMOS that are used for specific conditions and targeted populations.  Evidence based PMOS integrate the most recent best practice evidence.

Proper use of PMOS will reduce medication errors, variation and unintentional oversight; enhance work flow; and communicate best practices. A well-designed PMOS can minimize incorrect or incomplete prescribing, standardize patient care, and provide clear and effective communication of medical information.

The development of a PMOS should include all relevant stakeholders from across the Covenant Health organization to reduce duplication of work and variation.

Click here to access Pre-Printed Medication Order Sets (PMOS) resources on CLiC.

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Gillian Mah-Thompson
Pharmacist, Medication Safety Team